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CEGO Custom Shirt Post Moving sale

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CEGO Custom Shirt
174 Fifth Ave @22nd st.
212 620-4512
hours 9:30-6:00 M-F
Sat 10-3:30

Now on the Fifth floor. We have just moved from our old overly cramped space to a new space on the Fifth floor of the same building. We have doubled our space. Don't worry. we have not added dark fixtures and leather club chairs, or raised our prices. we will not be offering our customers 30 year old scotch. Instead, there is lots of light, hot coffee or some cold beer, and the same made in the USA shirts at affordable prices.

the minimum has been lowered to two shirts. In this case both shirts are made at once.
Both shirts have to be cut in the same body style. You can mix up collar and cuffs. Meaning you can't cut one shirt to be worn with a suit and the other to be shorter and more casual to be worn with jeans.

we are offering a 10% discount on all orders placed now throught the end of October. We will honor the discount past October for customers who opt for the 5 shirt minimum and want a first shirt sample. this discount is good for both new and current customers.
Ask how you can get an additional 10% off. this will be a total of 20% off.

we have several hundred sample shirts that I want to disapear. some are shirts that we made. others are shirts that were made by friends in the biz that I have ended up with.

these will cost anywear from $20-$100. Make offers I need the space.
we can offer alterations at fair prices.

our stock of boxer shorts and lounge pants is quite low. but all boxers are $5-10 a pair. Lounge pants are $20.
ties are all $10 for wider ties, $20 for newer slimer ties
Cufflinks are all $25.
mention Styleforum for the above discounts.

sorry no mail order.
Hope to see you soon
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Alas, I have work today...however I may be inclined to take an extra long lunch break
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Carl, I was planning my first visit today anyway, as I have to run to Cardelino at lunch. Do I need to call first?
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Any plans for a road show at any point? DC is crying out for a CEGO visit.
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Congrats, Carl, on the new space. I'm sure I'll come by and see it soon.
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Just come by. I have no life anymore!!! I will actually be in today until 7:30.

I should make it down to DC one of these days.. My son just started at American U.
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School today and then Sukkot . Hope there is something left Friday.
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Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs View Post
School today and then Sukkot . Hope there is something left Friday.

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you have till the end of october.
this is only being posted on SF/AAAC lots of stuff.
don't worry.
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Any sample shirts in a 16/36 size?
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all sizes from 14 1/2-XXL
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arghh.. time to jump on the Acela and trek down from Boston.
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If you're going to be there till 7:30 or so then I will most likely be able to pay you a visit after work tonight. I think I'll leave just a little early if I can
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See you next weekend!
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Carl makes business pleasure. Very professional and knowledgeable, but he's actually a pretty cool guy. Made me feel very comfortable getting measured for my first shirts.

If you're on the fence, hop on over.
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