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I went to T&A to pick up some ties and noticed

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I noticed that one of the salesman had what looked like to be buckles on the side of his pants. It reminded me of a tuxedo that I wore for my brothers wedding. It had adjustable tabs on the side which I thought was a great idea. What is everyones opinion on this? I mentioned this to my tailor and he thought it was not the best idea but why not. My weight does sway from pound to pound.
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I have several pants that have the side buckles instead of belt loops. They're harder to adjust than a belt and your pants will slip more. I agree with your tailor.
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My Paul Stuart suit has tabs with buttons on the sides in lieu of belt loops. I have seen this setup on some RL Polo suit pants as well. I like them, but they are not enough. With that suit I always wear suspenders.
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I too have trousers with side adjusters and no belt loops. I have only worn them with braces. I really like this combination.
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Thanks for the information. Now it makes sense, probably not going to be on my next suit.
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It's also a frequent feature on English-style suits (both bespoke and those that attempt to convey this image). Some people like the side tabs for the image more than the function. In any case, you use braces with them, they don't replace the belt. Also, be sure that no one will think you're wearing polyester Sans-A-Belt slacks or something
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I've got several pairs of slacks with this feature too. But my favorite method of "side tab" is one on some Incotex slacks that have belt loops -- on each side there is a tab with two sets of buttons in order to tighten up the fit before the belt goes on. I think it's a great idea, as my weight seems to fluctuate too -- usually about 10 lbs higher in winter than in summer.
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If the trousers fit very exactly in the waist, rise and crutch, and if the back is cut slightly higher (not like a fishmouth; more or less straight, but higher), then you can indeed wear the trousers without a belt or suspenders. I like this in summer, when I try to shed any superfluous accessories for the sake of "cool." It won't work if your waistline fluctuates to any significant degree.
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For what it's worth, this is exactly what I specified for the trousers in the suit I commissioned from Chan--no belt loops, suspender buttons, side tabs.
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Many pants I have from the late fifties and early 60s have the side tabs only, or some kind of elastic ending in a tab. The practical effect was a sort of half-belting. I guess they were doing anything to throw off the suspenders of the previous fashion era.
This is true. It was called a Daks (sp) waist named after the manufacturer who supposedly originated it. The pants had flat fronts, an extension tab with a hidden metal hook clasp (not with a visible button like today's better slacks) at the top of the fly and were tapered to about fourteen inch bottoms (no cuffs) that just barely touched the shoe. Some called this style "Continental". The suits the early Beatles wore had these kinds of slacks - no belts and no suspenders.
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