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Ties off ebay marked nwt

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Hi, I just bought a couple of ties off eBay, marked NWT (new with tags). One appears new but lacks tags though it came in the appropriate plastic sleeve; another, a Borrelli seven fold, has a tag or rather what's left of the price tag, but looks a little crumpled, not smooth and unwrinkled like most new ties I buy. Is this standard practice on eBay? Thanks. Regards, JiaXian
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Given that many eBay sellers are idiots, yes, it's standard practice. Don't buy from that seller again. Every tie I've received off of eBay has been genuine and shipped correctly. Give him negative feedback for treating a roll of expensive silk like that, and for falsely describing it as new with tags.
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Perhaps the individual is deserving of negative feedback, but I would first recommend contacting the seller to express your concerns. I don't think you should ever leave negative feedback without first seeking to resolve the issue. It's very possible the seller is acting in ignorance, not malice. He may be willing to a) let you return the merchandise b) keep the merchandise and refund a portion of the sales price. Give the seller a chance, but if you received items not as described you have a gripe.
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