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Hi guys...

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Just wanted to introduce myself here. I realize perhaps this should be in the General Forum, but no one seems to visit it. Anyhow, I'm a senior finishing off high school...probably younger than the majority of you, but what better place to get advice and time-tested experience? I followed a link here through GQ's forums, and this seems like a nice, friendly place. I didn't like GQ's boards--extremely hostile. =/
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Larry, welcome welcome.   parsonsdb
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Welcome Larry. I think you'll enjoy posting here. This is a friendly forum,with many very knowledgable members.
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Originally Posted by lizzy View Post
I tend to agree mostly but I'm still not sure i *get* everything here.
Do you think you're going to get bonus points because you post the same sentence in every thread you are on? Please quit... it's really annoying.
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