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Self Edge x Toyo Enterprises = SEXT17 - The Stealth Jungle Cloth Pant

Two years ago we released a collaboration with Toyo Enterprises which ended up being one of the most popular Self Edge exclusive products we'd done. We're revisiting the idea of the jungle cloth fabric and have stepped up the hardware a bit and made it in black fabric this time.

Self Edge and Toyo Enterprises have come together to bring the ultimate pant in terms of hardware, details, and fit. Jungle Cloth fabric, hidden rivets, Sugar Cane pin-check pocket bags, red cotton twill inner leg seam lining, dark indigo poly-core stitch, iron embossed buttons, Buzz Rickson UFO rivets, and a slim fit round out this new release produced in a limited run.

We've seen quite a few khaki fabric pants enter the market over the past few years, we wanted to do our version in a slim cut. A version that is not only extremely comfortable but uses a fabric far more interesting, more durable, more versatile, and more comfortable than a khaki fabric. Jungle Cloth is exactly that.

The SEXT17 is made of a black garment dyed "Jungle Cloth" (100% cotton gros-grain). Used by the USN from the 1920's to 1950's, this fabric has amazing sturdiness and is also weatherproof and comfortable to wear. It was loomed to USN specs by Toyo's (Sugar Cane, Buzz Rickson, Mister Freedom) fabric mills in Japan.

Jungle cloth is a very durable fabric that far outlasts any khaki (fabric, not color) on the market, also due to it's gros-grain weave the fabric is weatherproof and extremely soft on one side, the inside of the pant. The inside feels like pressed cashmere while the outside is a smooth and slick canvas so any dirt or contaminants are easily brushed off.

The SEXT17 Jungle Cloth Pant wil go on sale at all Self Edge stores at noon (local time) on Saturday, January 7th. The pants will also go on sale at 9am (PST) the same day in our online store. There will be not be a restock of these once sold out. Check the online store under Sugar Cane or Buzz Rickson for a full spec list, size chart, and hi-res photos.

Self Edge x Toyo Enterprises = SEXT17 - The Stealth Jungle Cloth Pant
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Buzz Rickson Pea-Coats & William Gibson Watch Caps + Sugar Cane Winter Shirts

Just received one of the best selling items we have every year, the Buzz Rickson Navy Melton Wool Pea-Coat. Buzz Rickson only makes a limited number of these every year and we try and get as many as we can every year. They're available now at all of our stores and in our online store.

Along with the pea-coat we've received Buzz Rickson's famous wool watch caps in olive, navy, and the Buzz Rickson x William Gibson black version.

We also have received two new Sugar Cane shirts. The first shirt is a black jean cord shirt that they do every year with a slight variation every time. The second piece is a flannel shirt that happens to be the heaviest weight flannel we've ever seen Sugar Cane do, the pattern on this thing is rocking.

All three of these items and a full restock of all Sugar Cane jeans are now at all of our stores and also in our online store. Check the online store for updated measurements, info, spec lists, and more.

Shop Buzz Rickson

Shop Sugar Cane

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Buzz Rickson & William Gibson Pea Coats, Watch Caps, A-10 Gloves, Chambray Shirts, & CPO Shirts

Buzz Rickson!!! The brand that sounds best at very loud volumes has just delivered a large shipment of winter items.

First off we have their pea coat which continues to be one of our best selling outerwear pieces year after year, super comfortable and very warm, you'll get years of use out of this classic jacket.

Buzz Rickson still makes one of the best watch caps on the market, the feel of the soft thick wool is unsurpassed. These are now available in olive, navy, and William Gibson's black.

We're happy to see that Buzz Rickson is once again producing their wool CPO shirt, its soft and goes great with nearly any outfit. We've seen clients of ours which bought these when we first carried them years ago still wearing theirs, you can't go wrong with the details and feel of a classic shirt like this. We now have these back in stock in limited numbers.

We feel that chambray is going to make a quiet comeback over the next year, it was a bit much when it was being shoved down our throats by nearly every brand and retailer, thankfully that phase has passed. We don't believe anybody other than us was carrying chambray shirts in a boutique environment in America seven years ago, and we loved having them in different variations from our various brands. We're going back in, and Buzz Rickson's is the first one many we're getting for the winter season. Chambray, we missed you.

Lastly we've received Buzz Rickson's Goatskin A-10 gloves which are wool lined. These fit great, come in various sizes, and are very warm and comfortable.

All these items are available now at all four stores and in our online store, check the online store for measurements, full spec lists, and high-res photographs.

Shop Buzz Rickson Online
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The William Gibson x Buzz Rickson Winter Collection

The William Gibson x Buzz Rickson collection continues to be one of the labels which we're most proud of being able to carry at our stores. The collection is released once a year, every November, with most pieces being cold weather focused. This year Toyo announced that they've gone beyond the normal straight black military reproductions which the collection has been known for. There are now some original jackets that come in colors other than black.

First up we have a navy duffle coat made of an original 34oz melton wool which has been compressed then brushed making it warm and extremely soft. This jacket comes with linen rope and natural wood toggles, angled hand pockets, a removable neck-tab, and a hood. We never thought we'd carry a duffle coat but we never thought we'd find out this good.

Next up we have a black B-29 grosgrain fabric jacket with a 100% cotton grosgrain outer, a quilted rayon inner, and a sheep shearling collar. We love that the jacket has two hand pockets placed at an angle on top of the front storage pockets. The collar is wild soft and feels amazing against your skin, this as comfortable as you're going to get in a warm jacket.

Every year we try and order as many William Gibson MA-1 jackets as we can, it's never enough. We are one of the only ones outside of Japan to carry the "Slender (Long)" version of this jacket which comes with a tad extra length so that it can be worn with an untucked shirt underneath.

We've also received a restock of the ultimate black watch cap. Made of a soft thick woven wool with minimal William Gibson branding, this will serve you for many years and soften as it wears in.

All of these items are available now at all four Self Edge stores and in our online store. Check the online store for full spec lists, high-res photographs, and measurements.

Shop the William Gibson x Buzz Rickson Collection Online

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William Gibson x Buzz Rickson Black Deck Coat & Black Watch Caps

We've just received a very slick looking black deck coat from the William Gibson x Buzz Rickson collection along with a large restock of the very popular black watch caps. This deck coat is warm and cut on the slim side with quick speed-snap hooks. The wool is extremely soft to the touch and the coat has two sets of hand pockets.

Shop Buzz Rickson Online


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Sugar Cane x Buzz Rickson Indigo-Dyed Horsehide A-2 Jacket - Black Woods II Edition

We've been counting down the days for the arrival of this jacket. Made as a collaborative piece between the designers of Sugar Cane and Buzz Rickson this jacket is a horsehide A-2 which has then been hand painted with pure indigo dye. This gives the jacket a very unique feel and look and is sure to look wild after some wear starts to show. Toyo has allowed us to modify the fit of the jacket slightly, slimming it out a little bit and giving the body a little extra length so you can easily wear it with untucked shirts.

These jackets were made in small numbers in Japan and this edition of it is limited to 50 pieces and is available now at all Self Edge stores.

Shop Sugar Cane Online

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Looking for a M51 Fishtail Parka. Help.
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Originally Posted by ike_hiking_boots View Post

Looking for a M51 Fishtail Parka. Help.

Ha, On my list also...What size ? I saw one on Rakuten was a 36/38

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Would really like to read a review of the M51.

There are other options…
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Buzz Rickson MA-1 Owners: I recently broke out my MA-1 that I've been keeping in storage for a trip. The ribbing on the neck was really irritating, and even left my neck with a minor rash after a day of wearing it. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you remedy?

This hasn't happened with any other MA-1's or wool clothing for me, so I don't think it's on me...maybe.
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What is the neck made from? Wool?
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Yup. I considered soaking it (just the top part to get the collar) and applying conditioner, but I'm trying to not do that.
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Get yourself a silk cravat!
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Originally Posted by ike_hiking_boots View Post

Looking for a M51 Fishtail Parka. Help.

Any help with sizing on a BR x Gibson m-51 parka? I know the Gibson is a slimmer fit, but I don't know if Large means "Japanese" Large or if I should size up...any help?
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Buzz Rickson Winter Collection of Jackets, Shirts, Whistles, & Watch Caps

We've just received our winter shipment from Buzz Rickson and it includes some items which we've built up some serious wait-lists for.

First off, you know you need a Buzz Rickson whistle, so now we're stocking them for all your whistling needs. These are the original Acme Thunderer style whistles made of brass and a natural cork ball.

Next up with the new run of black mock twist and indigo USN chambray shirts. Both come rinsed and made up to size XXL now.

The William Gibson x Buzz Rickson MA-1 is back in stock, these move very quickly every winter season for us. These are super warm, functional, and are the highest quality MA-1 jackets we've ever seen.

We have also gotten a small run of the heavy melton wool USN pea coat from Buzz Rickson. If you've ever wanted a pea coat, this is the one to buy. Every element of this coat is well thought out, from the 13 star reproduction buttons to the heavy cord inside the hand pockets.

And lastly, watch caps are winter essentials and the ones Buzz Rickson make truly are the best out there. The feel of the wool is super compact and soft and these break in as a good watch cap should, they become better with wear over time.

All these items are available at all of our stores and online in our online store.








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