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More info on Ralph Lauren Black Label

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Pink22m (Brian) asked me if I had any info regarding RLBL since I usually am in the know when it comes to RL (except who makes those damn RL Polo shoes which are labeled "Made in Italy".) anyways here is what I found out: They have just a few pieces in now, but will receive the entire collection within two weeks. Only the San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Boston (Newbury St), Chicago, and Madison Ave will carry men's RL Black Label. It apparently runs very, very slim, and is cut for a very lean man thus, they recommend purchasing one size up. The prices are really in-between Blue and RLPL and quality is reflected as such; they will not carry RL Black Label shoes. I was unable to ascertain at the moment which companies manufacture either the shirts or the suits, but found out that if I wear a 36, I should probably order a 38, as they are quite slim. Jon.
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Has anyone heard what the venting situation is? One? Two? None?
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Thanks again for the information on RLBL Jon.
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I finally looked through the GQ article. Anthony Sinclair, who? The look of the suits is intriguing. I'm going to visit the folks at the Madison Ave. store Friday, most likely. I'll get the full run-down then... and I hope to try on some of the suits.
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For those who still haven't seen it: The slideshow of the RLBL article The transcript: GQ: First things first: Let's clear up the differences between your Blue Label, Purple Label, and Black Label lines. RL: "Blue is very classic, very preppy. It's got a great old-world tradition; it has a heritage. Now Purple has a heritage on the highest level, a sort of Savile Row sophistication. Black Label is sophisticated and international"”but very sleek, very modern. Contemporary." GQ: The line definitely looks modern, but it also has a certain North by Northwest quality. RL: "I would say it's a combination of Sean Connery-era James Bond and North by Northwest. You're right on North by Northwest. That's very good. I don't like to cite characters anymore, because it's sort of a cliché. But in terms of details, if you looked at North by Northwest years ago, you would've said, 'This is not English, and it's not preppy"”it's just the man-about-town.' " GQ: I have a lot of Wall Street friends, and I'm not sure they'll get the narrow tie and thin lapels. RL: "Well, you know, I don't think, 'Today, there is a label on thin ties, thick ties' or 'This is the coolest look; don't wear that.' It's how you put your accessories together. And the accessories are simple. It's not about bold shirts or bold ties. It's a much more refined look. It's just cooler." GQ: Yeah, I noticed none of those stripy, multicolored dress shirts we saw everywhere this past year. RL: "No, no. This is about sophistication, about subtlety. It's about a guy who makes his statement clearly. It's a confident guy who walks into the store and says, 'I understand what this is about. I get it.' If we have to tell him what the look is, then we don't have him. He's not our guy." GQ: The suits do look really slim. Are they that slim off the rack? RL:"It's that way off the rack. The whole thing is slim. It has to fit slim." GQ: Are they all two-button? RL: "It's two- and three-, but two-button is really the epitome of the look. The one that looks the best to me is two-button. And it's a low two-button. It's got a sharpness to it. More shirt shows." GQ: And there are Black Label shirts and Black Label ties that fit the cut of the suit, correct? RL: "Yes. Everything is in proportion. There's a whole look. Either you get it and you love it, or you don't want to wear it. It's as easy as that."
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