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Since we ran into a brick wall there, I'll get it started back up. Bill or Hillary?
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Bill, only because you gotta give it to a man that adds flavor to his cigar. Tacos or Burritos?
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Hands down burritos.. Lois Lane or Mary Jane?
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I will from now on always associate Kirsten Dunst with Mary Jane, and since I really can't stand her, I must go with Lois Lane. Home furnishings: Traditional or Contemporary?
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traditional...only because the style never goes out and furniture is too expensive when you have a wife milk shake or smoothie?
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Milk shake Maui Jim or Ray Ban?
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ray ban. paper or plastic?
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Plastic Regular or Diet?
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Regular. Hero, hoagie, or sub?
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sub, shaken or stirred?
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Shaken, preferably by a large busted bartender Oreos or Chocolate Chips?
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oreos stout or ale?
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ale. cold or room temp?
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ale. cold or room temp?
for beer, def room temp merlot or pinot nior with chicken or lamb?
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Please rephrase. Answer impossible.
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