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God built Augusta, Bobby just oversaw it, you are right. Without haing been ther I would say SF just from peoples' recs. Paris or Rome?
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Rome Forged blades or forged cavity backs?
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I love forged, but as I get older, forged cavity Berillium or Regular wedges
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Regular Who would you rather play golf with: Jones, Nicklaus, Palmer, or Woods? (I'm going to go on and answer this one, but someone else follow up. No doubt, Woods.)
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Actually, Jones....every April, in Atl. at least they play a special production about Jones, and bu the end of the 2 hours, I have tears in my eyes...the man was the most incredible representative for not only golf but amateur athletics IMO that ever stepped on a playing he was from ATL, went to Emory and Tech, and was a Southern Gentleman. Well I guess I covered Jones for the day. Golf Cart or Caddie?
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Well, not so new anymore, but whatever. Cart

Trad or deviant? I know my answer
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Records or CDs?
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