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Snickers Zebra Cake or Swiss Cake Roll?
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Snickers Zebra Cake or Swiss Cake Roll?
Apple tart. moustache or beard ?
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Clean shaven, and without all the extra lines for goodness' sake. Apple or PC?
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PC. Sideways or Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle?
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harold and kumar. B-52's or talking heads?
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Talking Heads Saw or Seven?
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Seven. And now for a topical choice: Kalra or Styleman?
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That's not really a good choice AC, thats like asking, Black or black?
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That's not really a good choice AC, thats like asking, Black or black?
Well, I was referring to the entertainment value provided by each.  I would vote for Kalra.  So many priceless moments . . . the picture of the white arm, posting nonstop while supposedly at his daughter's wedding, claiming to own a car that had not yet been released to the public.  With Styleman, all we got were a few illogical economic rantings.
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Green H&K Kiton YSLRG BMW Canali Breitling Ashley Judd Berluti Bentley (sleek Continental vs fugly Phantom) Patek Afghan Cartier Ding Dongs West End Belt Goose foie gras DP Asprey Aishwarya Rai Robusto Paris Michaelangelo Canaletto (nice with marinara sauce) Chicago Mingus Goyard 2-button barrel or James Bond cuff 4-in-hand Redheads Porsche Eagles Scotch Shelley Innie Fredrick Luthor Batman Nolte Holyfield CSI Nolte Leno (Letterman is just spinning his wheels bitterly) Pizza Slut GF 2 Coke, no wait, Mecca-Cola BK (I'd drink my own urine first) Contentment Everything Bagel with Green Onion cream cheese GQ (Esquire is just a limp shadow of what it used to be) Netflix Coffee Double-faced cashmere-silk scarf NYT Cappuccino, and only in the morning, otherwise espresso macchiato Bordeaux I scream Black Rose (er?) Wingtip austerity brogue Flat front PS2 Cable Pinot Noir Britney, if she could keep her mouth shut. Cable Eagles Skim Blondes Trane Beatles, esp mid period DVD-audio Breasts City Kung Fu'tzu NOYB NOYB Zip Bill Taco Mary Jane Mix Shake RayBan Paper Hero Stirred Oreos Porter RT, cold room PN, lamb NY, and I live in DC Plain Beatles Fries, supersize me Mephisto Tip espresso fall post-tax. their lives are hard enough big boobs filet Saks aisle BA BC. Delta sucks in every class. KC BBQ Mezlan With beans Pool Survivor comedy-action not there yet salt loafers hershey KD plasma cat aspen don't golf honda lamps station wagon coupe cashmere constipation mach iii kiran chetry cash scotch neither staples rye pen blondie college DClime twist PH croissant mercedes Sirius [] [] captoe brushed Al bullet through the head coach with complimentary upgrades rome, haven't been pittsburgh -- a store there sells RJ Louvre, d'Orsay is milquetoast except for the symbolists and fauvists brandy Britney, if she keeps her mouth shut. I would settle for horsewhipping federline SP Texas hot vodka martini mimosa permission snickers ? neither mac for pleasure pc for work harold and kumar talking heads van helsing -- so bad it's scary kalra black Richard James or Darren Beaman?
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Thomas Mahon. Iron Chef Japanese Rokusaburo Michiba or Iron Chef Japanese Masaharu Morimoto?
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Morimoto Chain Steakhouses: The Palm or Ruth's Chris?
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The Palms, preferably in Vegas Banning RJMan from this thread or not?
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Banning RJman. Savile Row or Neapolitan tailoring?
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Neapolitan Grapefruit League or Cactus League?
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