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Liberty of london

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Flipping through a catalog, I recently saw some ladies' shirts made by Liberty of London and was wondering if they also make men's shirts in their classic floral patterns. If they do, does anyone know where I could find them? Thanks
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You may want to try Maus & Hoffman, which has several stores in Florida. I seem to recall seeing men's Liberty of London shirts in their catalog.
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Funny -- Maus & Hoffman was where I saw the ladies' shirts. I went to their website and I felt like I was back in the mid-90s, technology wise. Maybe i'll give them a call, though.
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I have made myself one liberty print shirt. It was a black and gray floral. The liberty print fabrics are very expensive. There are some good knock-offs out there. One customer bought some anceint fabric from a fabric shop in the Bahama's. It was lovely stuff. They make great summer shirts.
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From time to time, Cynthia Rowley's mens' line has Liberty print shirts.
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What's special about this fabric that makes it desirable and/or expensive?
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The liberty prints are very nicely done. Great colors and excellent printing. They are also printed on a lawn quality. Essentially a batiste. Lighter then broadcloth and heavier then a voile. Perfect for a warm summer evening.
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I like floral shirts that are done conservatively, I.E. abstract patterns without flambouyant use of color. To me, that would be a shirt wearable around town. Anybody know what I mean? Otherwise, some of the floral shirts I've seen would only be suitable for the beach, for vacation, or for a night out at a club in the Castro.
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I have your final answer: shirts made of Liberty fabric can be purchased at Liberty department store in London. Own label, made in Italy. I was there on vacation last week and popped in for the loo and saw the shirts in probably 25 different patterns. 65 pounds per shirt and they have a trim fit. I bought one even.
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.... liberty also has a duty free store in heathrow, terminal 4 i believe
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Wonderful, bright tie as well.
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