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Just want to butt in and ask, if I don't have any knowledge in replacing car parts and diagnosing strange ping and rattles, is it a really bad idea for me to get an old sports car as a daily driver? My targets are BMW E30 M3/325, Porsche 944 with N.A. engine and Benz 190E 2.3/2.5 16v. ALl of htese cars are 15 yrs or older
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If you are interested in any of these, just be prepared for expensive service.  An older Porsche is still a very expensive car to maintain.  For all of them, (i) absolutely positively have a prepurchase inspection done at your local dealer or GOOD service station, and (ii) try to get the service records; and (iii) get the carfax report for the car.   My take: BMW E30M3 or 325 -- these are completely different cars as I'm sure you know.  If you go with the M3, be prepared to pay more as they are a "cult" car now.  Also, make sure it hasn't been too badly thrashed.  The 325 is a great car that you should be able to find easily (cheap too).  Another car you might look at is a 1995 E36 M3 -- you can get one with btw. 70-100K miles for about $13,000.  M3 auto insurance is very expensive though, so make sure you call your insurance company now to get a hypothetical quote on each of the various cars you are considering.  I'm sure Porsche 944 insurance is expensive also. Porsche:  Road & Track had an article about a year ago where they did an extensive review of used 944s over the years.  It was very educational; said what to look out for; which years to avoid, etc.  I'd imagine you can find it on the website by doing a search. Mercedes:  I'd be leary of those specail 16v 190s -- the ones with the factory spoiler.  I thought I remembered reading somewhere that they had reliability problems.  I never see them on the road anymore either, which might be telling.  What about a used 230 Sport? Too staid?
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I am about 65% positive that I was just driving next to LinuxPro's girlfriend in the Merc on my way to J's house. Wierd. could be mistaken though.
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kabert, thanks for your views and advice as I have problems getting an unbiased view in any of enthusiast sites devoted to those cars. And you know those people often lose count of how much they have spent on their toys.
It's not unreasonable to assume that a SLK-350 would outaccelerate a M3 on any given day, looking at that information, but when both cars are moving the M3 has a decided advantage
On a higher attitude, the SLK will post better acceleration numbers. I would never put SLK350 kompressor engine on the same class as M3 engine though even both have pretty impressive output and good tractability. It is a greater mechanical feat to create a high output natural aspirated engine than a blown one.
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SLK350 is not supercharged, it is naturally aspirated. It's also not challenging to create more horsepower out of a naturally aspirated engine. The principles of power are the same regardless of the aspiration in question, the only limiting factors are cost, displacement, fuel efficiency, reliability, fuel requirements, fuel efficiency, and most of all, emissions. However, a turbocharged (and to a lesser degree, supercharged) car requires substantially more engineering and design for peak performance and reliability.
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