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Well .. the difference is .. when people ask you .. wow nice a nice suit that you are wearing .. who's the designer?  Then you probably feel good when you say Ermengildo Zegna ...
Well, for purposes such as that, you may as well buy a Hugo Boss suit for $800 and save a lot of money - most people will be much more impressed by Boss than Zegna. And don't forget that the best suits are made by Armani - everyone in Hollywood wears them. Panzer
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The cut of the waist and chest in a Canali seems to be a grant a nicely slimming sillhouette, and the 2.5 button jackets that I have tried on all rolled quite nicely. $440 for a real Zegna? Sign me up.
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I think Zegna has moderately better construction (canvas in the lapels seems stitched slightly better; overall lighter feel), better fabrics, and a better cut in the shoulders than Canali.  But there is certainly a name recognition premium for Zegna that Canali doesn't have.  I just bought a great Zegna at Last Call for $440, and at that price is was a no-brainer, as it was the exact fabric I had been looking for for some time.  But I don't think I'd pay $800 for a Zegna to be honest.
johnny, Say more about that EZ you picked up at last call.  What was the fabric and model?  What else about it stood out? Thanks.
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I don't know all that much detail about EZ models, so I'll give model numbers later. The fabric is probably a 10 oz. It's definitely a suit I could wear nearly year round. I'm not sure what the fabric is -- it's a 100% wool, but as far as count I'm not sure. I tried looking in the tag but nothing was listed. I assume it's not a 15milmil15, because there wasn't that tag inside of it. It might be a 140s though. It's definitely a 130s or higher -- it is very smooth and very soft, but the weave it fine so it doesn't have any real "shininess" to it. The fabric is dark gray (gunmetal?). It has a windowpane pattern, with the panes being about 2 inches in width and 2 1/2 in height. The windowpanes are dark blue and almost a rust type color. The lines are basically right on top of one another. So, it's a really nice, subtle effect. The pants are a medium rise, with a medium cut through the thigh tapered down to about an 18" leg opening. Double pleated (very shallow pleats) with quartered pockets. I like the pants a lot, and might have my tailor take them in a bit in the thigh if that is possible. Things that stood out? The shoulder is a bit more sloped than the Zegnas I've tried on at Saks. In addition, the padding is a bit lighter than most Zegnas I've seen, including the ones in their Boston boutique. It is very thin, light padding. At the sleeve head there is the standard Zegna roping, which gives it some structure. This suit isn't too much different than most high end Sartorial suits; it's just a really, really nice one. I like it a lot.
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I wonder if that isn't the cardigan model?  Sounds fantastic.  Their more recent pleated pants are wonderful.  I picked up a pair in cotton and viscose two springs ago in a pincord pattern to go with a sportcoat of the same pattern but wool. Have you tried Isaia?  I find the fit as nice as Zegna, sometimes nicer, and the fabrics are superior, both in material and design.
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I love Isaia. Their Stewart model in 40R probably fits me better than any other OTR suit. I've just never found one in my size at the right price. Oh, someday.
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