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Secondhand Anderson & Sheppard ties.

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How much are good condition Anderson & Sheppard ties worth?  Imagine quite they're old; the patterns don't look modern. I've seen a few for sale secondhand hand and am tempted by them, partly because of the construction - some have that little piece of thred inside Flusser said marked a good tie - and somewhat by the patterns.  If I bought them and couldnt find anything to wear with them, would they be easy to sell? Thanks. EDIT: If this should be in buying and selling can someone please move it.
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I have never heard of old ties being worth much of anything. I don't even think much can be gotten for old suits. Sorry.
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It all depends on condition and brand recognition on a place like ebay. You'll see Turnbull & Asser ties go for a fair amount on ebay, relatively speaking. A used blue herringbone T&A used tie auction that I watched went for about $38 recently. Hermes can often go for much more. I've watched Holliday & Brown ties go for next to nothing. My guess is that Anderson & Sheppard wouldn't command a premium just because the name isn't going to ring a bell with most. Depending on what you pay, you might be able to make a profit. Some have even considered it a valuable public service to rescue such sartorial flotsam and offer it up to interested forum members for cost. If they're at a thrift store, say, and you'll only be out a few dollars grab them and post pictures here. If they're not damaged or stained I'd think the worst that could happen is that you'd be out a bit of time.
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Now, Alan, don't tell me you've watched the H&B ties go for next to nothing while just standing idly by. I think Alan and Manton are probably both right that these ties wouldn't command much of a premium on ebay, but why not give it a go? There must be more than a few people out there dilligently doing searches for A&S. And if you're just buying them second hand I would suspect they're not costing you much out of pocket. If it were me, this would be the kind of thing I could just not pass up (which is why I have hundreds of ties, dozens of braces/suspenders, etc.). I would be very curious to see what the A&S ties look like and your suggestion that the patterns don't look too modern only heightens my interest. It's always nice to have some old things in your wardrobe; I have clothes that go back to the thirties.
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You'll have freaks like us bidding it up.  Holliday & Brown (the Prada thing aside) is very little known.  People with a working knowledge of style will have heard of Savile Row (yes, I know H&B says it was "A Savile Row Company") and of Anderson & Sheppard... the same way they'll have heard of John Lobb but not Edward Green.  The Savile Row tailors get fetishized on ebay. I'd imagine anything A&S would do OK there. Just say blah blah Savile Row blah blah Duke of Windsor blah blah Alan Flusser blah blah bespoke tailors blah blah wear with your John Lobb shoes blah blah. P.S. Forgot to add, "...blah blah with your Jermyn Street Turnbull & Asser shirt blah blah.."
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A frighteningly good blueprint.
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A frighteningly good blueprint.
"Be a part of history. Fred Astaire threw this very tie against the wall many, many times to take the newness out of it. He succeeded admirably. If you can't tie it because of the twisted lining, do as Fred would do-use it as a belt (but only in the daylight in larger metropolitan areas)."
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But ebay....ebay is like, ....New York City. As Lenny Bruce said, "If you're one in a million...there are eight people like you in New York City." You will find buyers.
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I'll probably buy them. If I ever get a digital camera I might post pictures. Thanks for the advice.
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id try to sell it on here personally... chances are you are going to buy them, eBay them, then tell everyone here that they are there as a pool of captive likely customers, wait for us to bid them up, then lose 5% of that in eBay fees + listing cost + whatever they charge for having sufficient pics to show them off. id probably see what people offer you for them here first, see if that works for you, save the eBay fee..... if they were Prada - the quality would be nowhere near the standard, and the price would be triple on brand recognition alone.
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M@t, I don't have an eBay sellers account.  Also whenever I've sold something, I've not asked the customer-to-be what the item was worth. Update: A colleague thinks the ties are from the 1980s. I suppose that means they're not quite old enough to be interesting, but I went and bought five more anyway. I couldn't bring myself to buy all the ties they had, since I didn't like all of them. I might steel myself to buy the rest for commercial purposes in the future.
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ok point still stands tho...if your getting them for $5 and want $20 on eBay, you may as well offer them up on this board at $17... PS - you dont need a different account to sell on eBay
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They're nicely made ties, but I don't think they're going to amaze anyone with their designs or luxuriousness. I appear to have created a mountain out of a mole hill.
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every mans right to make a mountain out of a molehill is the cornerstone of the internet...
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