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Foul weather shoe?

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With the recent snow in nyc I was wondering what shoes everyone wears to get around?
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I have two pair of heavier downtownish boots; one black and one brown. The black pair is from the closeout store of some italian place on Spring street a little east of 6th Ave and has held up well since 1999. The brown pair has elastic side gusseting (wrong for slush, really) and the leather a little dry -- should have waterproofed it.  It's Steve Madden & cheap so even if, as I doubt it is permanently salt damaged it is no great financial loss, though I will miss them -- they do put an almost literal 'spring in my step' like no other shoes or boots. Note to self: water proof boots. And get salt stain remover. If I were more fogey-ish I might get actual rubbers, but I just can't bring myself to do it, even on rainy days.
LL Bean slip on Maine shoes and a few pairs of shoes at the office.
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I have brown Bass waterproof boots for foul weather.
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I have used Blundstones for the past few years. I wanted to get something a bit dressier since I go from meetings to meetings and I really don't think the Blundstones are going to work
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LL Bean Hunting Boots.
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Neos overshoes-- the knee-high variety. Revel in wearing real shoes and comfy socks while it's snowing outside.
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Ankle-high waterproof Timberland chelsea boots (black). Great for rain and snow.
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With the recent snow in nyc I was wondering what shoes everyone wears to get around?
Right now, my first, last and only pair of kenneth coles serve as my main black "slush" shoe, and a banana republic chukka boot serves the same the function in brown.  Both are lousy shoes, but come with durable man-made soles.  At least the BR was purchased for only $20.  I actually dropped a decent chunk of change on the KC.  Easily the worse shoe purchase of my life.  Lousy, fake-looking "shiny black leather" and there's nothing special about the degree of sole comfort.
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8 eye Doc Martens. Grr. NB: Business casual office. If it's inclement enough to break out the Docs on a weekday, it's also worth moleskin or heavy corduroy trousers and a wool sweater. The bulk of the clothes draws attention away from the boots.
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- Black Ludwig Reiter Derby shoes with crepe sole - Red Wing 875 boots - C&J Chestnut Chelsea boots I'm glad that I work in a business casual enviroment, because Winter means 4-5 months of snow, ice, slush and wet salty roads here.
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"Fogey-ish" I am. In the city I wear Tingley rubbers. Storm style or the moccasin style which looks like a Venetian high vamp loafer.Keep them shiny with Amor All tire preserver. Weekends out of town and it's LL Bean Ducks and I do believe in some corner of the garage is a pair of buckle artics.
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