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Need a tailor recommendation

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I currently Paul Stuart suits. I like the cut, feel etc. I would like to try the tailored suit route. Could somebody recommend a tailor given my preference for a Paul Stuart type suit. I live in NYC. Thanks.
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Which line of PS suits do you buy?
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Good question, but I don't know. I get mine made to measure at PS. I want to experiment with a tailor made suit.
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Then it is probably Samuelson. Probably. What exactly do you like about them? That will help us recommend a tailor.
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Their suits are conservative, but yet stylish. They are perfect for my workplace - a bank. I just want to be able to design the suit and get a much much better fit that I hope a tailor would create.
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Well, it's hard to make a recommendation without knowing more. I mean, I am tempted to say that since you like Paul Stuart MTM so much, keep getting them. If you want something like them but with better fit at the margins, and if you can describe in some detail what sort of silhouette and level of softness or structure that you like, I might be able to recommend someone.
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- Raphael - Domenico Spano Those are two IIRC. Look online for an American Express "Destinations" issue that has an article on NYC tailors. This issue has also been discussed here and on AskAndy previously.
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- Domenico Spano
Overpriced and a martinet. That's putting it mildly. Leaving aside the whole question of whether the garments are really bespoke. (They're not). Rafael is terrific, but his silhouette is not exactly the same as Paul Stuart.
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Why are you looking for a copy when you can get genuine Paul Stuart? There's PS MTM. I believe that you can order it with PS cloth or order piece goods through the books. If money is no object, PS will make a suit bespoke (at least the last time that I checked). I believe that PS bespoke is about $3,000.
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