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The lobster in the state of Maine is markedly better than that lobster which is not.
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Really? How so?
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Just an overall fresher (obv), cleaner flavor than ones you buy at market.
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Ah, gotcha. I thought you were saying that lobster from Maine was superior to all others.
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Hazan's rice & smothered cabbage soup.
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Lamb chops with bubble and squeak, with mint sauce made from my own mint, grown in my garden, with a bottle of Priorat.

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Switched it up w some beef ribs.
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Did some ginger/shoyu/garlic marinaded salmon on the Traeger with some asparagus. Paired with 2008 Peay Pinot Noir. Hard to beat.
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Pio typically one gourmand allows another gourmand a minimum of 60minutes for the others to soak up the brilliance of his creation.

At least, that's the unwritten rule in my Cordon Bleu forum.
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Home alone Mrs GF in Sydney, boy at 21st, the dog has been fed. Spelt fusilli, organic broccoli, tofu and shiitake and swiss browns with garlic and last years birds eye chilli.

One of my standard bachelor dishes from back in the day.
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Goddamn, the blueberries are good here..
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I figure I would add this here since it isnt quite raw ingredient material and this thread gets more views.  I have been a fan of Penzys spices through the years partly because I work a couple miles from their plant.  They offer a wide array of spices and are generally ok in price (when you compare to grocery stores, etc)  However I had been getting some stuff from The Spice House which is actually owned by a relative of the Penzys.  I think I am a convert now because there blends offer just that extra unique flare to them.  For example The Spice Houses' taco seasoning blend throws in a little allspice (one of my favs) and cinnamon.  I know its taco seasoning, but I need to find ways to excite myself when cooking for the kids.  This is better than the taco seasonings I've thrown together myself... and much better than anything in the store.  Also, their Vulcan Salt is awesome.  Spicy with a hint of citrus.


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Brussel sprout gratin with spinach, onions, and potatoes. It was awesome.

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Thanksgiving leftovers in molten stew-like form. Delicious.
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