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Alabama style bbq chicken with a white bbq sauce.

Can't believe I'm still in b4 white bbq sauce joak.


Well, I dont think Hroi or GF participate around here so that would only leave Pio (and you).


You're just jealous of my white bbq sauce.  :blush:



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Chicken Piccata today.
Also - i've never even heard of alabama BBQ sauce. I thought it was a chicken fried steak+Gravy at first.

Its basically a mayo/vinegar based sauce.  I'd never heard of it either until a local place had an Alabama chicken sandwich.  It was pretty good so I went online for recipes.

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Trust me, HRoi and GF both "participate" all the time.
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A bunch of stuff I've cooked in the past few weeks:

Lettuce soup (Matt's recipe, more or less) -- very nice.

Marcella's Lasagna

When I was in Napoli, friarelli (broccoli rabe) & salsiccia was a popular filling for pizza fritta. Next time I've heard of it was on The Sopranos--orecchiette w/ friarelli & salsiccia was introduced as a northerin Italian dish. So I couldn't wait any longer; I had to try it. First time I didn't have orecchiette. Also didn't use friarelli but cime di rapa. Blanch the greens in water, refresh & squeeze out most of the water. Cut in stripes or whatever. Heat up some olive oil, add a bunch of cubed salsiccia to it, mash it a bit with a wooden spoon or something. When it's almost cooked, add diced garlic, some chili peppers and pepper to it. Cook for a bit, then add white wine. Reduce, then add the greens, heat up, add some parmiggiano, toss in the pasta, a bunch more pepper and you're good to go. Fantastic.

Next, I've used yet another kind of pasta (strozzapreti), which worked very well too. I used cavolo nero this time. Also very nice!

Next up were orecchiette. Swiss chard (mostly the green part) and first time I've added chili peppers.

Swiss chard (only the stems). More chili. Also veery good.

Had some deer goulash in the freezer, from New Zeeland, wish I bought at Metro for like 8 €/kg and bought some Hungarian sweet paprika (szegedi paprika). So I made Hungarian deer goulash. Didn't expect much from the meat, but damn. Super tender and flavorful after a long braise.

Gambas al ajillo. Deglazed with cognac, as per Matt's recipe. Very nice as always.

Made some burritos or whatever you wanna call it. Cheddar, refried beans, Tilda basmati, beef/pork with garlic and a bunch of cumin, chipotle salsa (chipotle peppers, tomatos, coriander, onion, garlic, pepper, more chilli, lime juice, salt, sugar), coriander, sriracha. Yummy!

Another batch of ragù alla bolognese. Was too lazy to make pasta so I used store-bought "high end" pasta which I was also able to score cheaply on amazon (50% discount).

Also made some puntarelle alla romana salad.

Cut them in half and "peel" off strips (I just cut it in thin-ish strips the next few times cuz it takes way too much time like this; the Romans actually have a tool for it). Plunge it in ice water for an hour or so.

Then add vinaigrette. Anchovis, garlic, chili, vinegar, olive oil. Super crisp and satisfying.


Bucatini all'ammitriciana
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Very nice! I want to start making my own pasta (I have my own pasta machine etc) I just never get around to it.

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You should. Although, to be fair, I only made pasta for the lasagna. wink.gif I was too lazy to make pasta for the goulash and ragù. I also had high end store-bought pasta that I bought from Amazon with 50% discount, so that made the decision easier to not make pasta. wink.gif

But a great ragù with homemade tagliatelle is heaven.
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@b1os that was epic. I think I need to get Marcella's cookbook now.

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Can someone recommend a great vegetarian cookbook?
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A vegetarian ex was a fan of Heidi Swanson's cookbooks. I didn't delve into them very deeply, but I thought they were pretty good. There's Ottolenghi, of course. I don't really know the Chez Panisse Vegetables book, but Alice Waters' stuff is always pretty great.
Obviously, most cookbooks these days will contain a significant number of vegetarian recipes. Are you mostly looking for recipes, or are you more looking for something that will teach you some go-to techniques like, "here's how you can compensate for the depth of flavor in a bunch of recipes where you'd usually just throw in a ham hock"?

Or pm foodguy for expert recommendations, of course.
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Originally Posted by javyn View Post

Can someone recommend a great vegetarian cookbook?

Actually vegan but The Oh She Glows Cookbook and Thug Kitchen are good ones.

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Dabbling in the art of spatchcockery
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I've done that multiple times in the last several months. Really a good way to go.
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My roomie made a bulgarian traditional "banitca" with cheese and I also I tried lutenica made from his mum; was really tasty

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Mary had a leg of lamb slow cooked for five hours on a bed of rosemary. Also cut into the lamb to put in garlic wrapped in prosciutto on a sprig of rosemary.

With brussel sprouts green beans roast kipflers and butternut pumpkin.

Served with a couple of bottles of John's Blend 2006 Langhorne Creek Cab Sav and a clean skin Riverina botrytis and Elizabbeth Davids flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream.

And all accompanied by a couple of good games of rugby.
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Made some chicken pot pie. . . Didn't have the right pan so it looks funky, but whatever.

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