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Kadhai Paneer with feshly roasted and grounded peppers and spices:
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Got a pressure cooker a few months ago, but over the weekend made SeriousEats' Pho Ga recipe, one of the more impressive things I've made with it: www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/01/30-minute-pressure-cooker-pho-ga-recipe.html

Although apparently Pho Ga typically doesn't employ the anise and cinnamon that standard beef Pho does, it did come out awesome considering how quickly it took to make it vs traditional pho.
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White truffle season
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This thread needs some love.


Chicken wing gratin with Gruyere custard, recipe from Richard Olney


Bananas with sage, onion, curry. Passard.


Lemon chicken with stewed whole garlic (puree consistency). Olney.

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I had an early dinner at Le Bernardin. It was perfect. Then I had a later dinner at Momofuku Ko. It was pretty good. I was kind of full.
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Did you have to click their website precisely at midnight to get the rez? Or whatever their stupid process is ...

The place looks interesting, but I've seen Chang in interviews and he seems like the biggest of the bigtime a-holes.
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Sort of. The reservations for counter seating come available two weeks to the day you want to eat at 10 am. It was pretty painless.

I agree Chang seems like a dick and a drunk, but I have to say I've had almost nothing but fantastic experience at his joints and in spite of his celebrity, he seems to be on top of his shit. Or someone in his organization is. The only Momofuku outlet (I've been to DC, several in NY, and Toronto) I've visited that has been uneven has been Ma Peche. Started off strong, got progressively weaker after Tien Ho left, and is ok now that it's changed formats and also houses a Fuku chicken sandwich spot and a Milkbar operation.

Le Bernardin is everything a Michelin 3 star should be. If I had to choose between the reservation process at Ko, or walking into the lounge at LB and eating a tasting menu at the bar (which is what we did), it's a no brainer, LB hands down. I enjoyed Ko, but doubt I will go there again. Because of the lounge, I think LB is the most accessible awesome restaurant I've ever been to. I've probably eaten in the lounge a dozen times in the last year and it's always wonderful.
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I liked Ma Peche but have not been in a very long time.

As for LB, I thought you were sort of meh on fish ...
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I am meh on fish, which is why I am so impressed with the place. Every single thing we had Sat night was perfect, not a single clunker or off note, and I can't think of many meals like that in my life. I don't really like seafood, but LB is one of my favorite restaurants and I will eat there any time I can.
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I am meh on fish too, though I probably like it a little more than you. But I have a fish-loving wife and since I learned to cook it, she demands it a lot of me. I also really enjoy the process of breaking them down, which is strange, but once done, you have to eat it.

Agree about LB, no matter what they do, it's perfect. And when he does throw in a little foie or filet, it's just as great as everything else.
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I am always just mind bogged when people say they don't like fish or more generally seafood… I would be ruined for lack of choices of protein. Although I completely understand having grown up in Ohio I know many people who are not fond of seafood. Bummer for you guys though! happy.gif

So last night I just made some random stuff... had leftover clear soup broth with shrimp and tofu, some interesting vegetarian ragu of sorts made with eggplant, onions, black beans and garlic and basil with pan-seared potato gnocchi, and some sautéed spinach on the side. Basically I got rid of all that shit from my fridge.
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I don't know what I'd do with my life without seafood. Love it.
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I really enjoy seafood when it's fresh, but I'm always wary of getting it anywhere that's not right by seawater. That's also why I don't cook fish as often. 

Actual question: how fresh can fish be at a fishmonger or supermarket if you're landlocked? Is all hope lost? People say freezing should preserve freshness but I've never had great results with frozen fish, especially the less meat-y types. 

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Depends on the fish.  Shellfish is something you should worry about - should be cooked live or eaten no more than 1 day after that.   But most white fish can be eaten about 4-5 days after fishing as long as they're always kept refrigerated.  Typically, they'd be at your fish store 1-2 day after fishing (for non-frozen fish), so cook it right away or no longer than 2 days in the fridge.


I come from France and food supply chain was incredibly centralized when I was growing up there.  Everything would converge to Rungis outside of Paris (including from fishing areas) and then be dispatched from there.   So you'd have fish reach Rungis 10-15 hours after fishing, then reach the stores across the country another 6-12 hours later. 

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