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Tacos al pastor with tomatillo chipotle salsa.

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Grillin' out before the rains come again:

Sesame ginger teriyaki chicken!!

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Wandering on asian paths...

Stir-fried beef, green asparagus, paprika and mango with sliced garlic. Himalaya basmati rice.
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Short ribs.

Cooked sous vide for 72 hours at 141.
My first time ever with a long sous vide dish. GREAT SUCCESS!
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Salmon and cherry tomato green curry.
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Drunkingly tore through a box of celeste pizza (meatballs!). Should of had two.
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Crappy piece of salmon
Lemon Zest
Lemon brown butter sauce

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Thursday (girlfriend's work):

Stir-fried rice with gambas.


Friday (my work):

Orecchiette con pollo.
Homemade pasta with grilled chicken breast and a sugo of sundired tomatoes, paprika and spring onion.
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^^ Looks good. Monthly dose of fried chicken last night.
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Having tried all of Andres' places in DC, I thought I'd try "The Bazaar" which he just opened in LA a few months ago. I got the Chef's Tasting of tapas. Overall, the courses are a sampling of dishes, or variations on dishes, you can find in his DC restaurants. The ones you get at the Minibar tend to be the ones, as expected, that get the most oohs and aahs. Service and pacing was odd -- they seemed like they were rushing at times, but other times it would take them almost 20 minutes to bring out a single tapas course. Add to the fact it's like eating in the middle of a circus, as the name "Bazaar" implies -- adjacent to the dining room is a bar/club/lounge area so you can hear the music blasting into the dining room, forcing everyone to talk really loud, and to make it "hip" all the seats are mismatched and odd, so I sat for 3 hours in a plush, low arm chair which put the table up near the top of my chest; I almost asked for a pillow to sit on. And to top it off, there was a long black hair in my spinach satay. My advice is to fly to DC and try Andres' other restaurants.

EDIT: Sorry about the photos... I thought I copied the "Thumbnail" code.

Sweet potato chips with sour yogurt, tamarind, and star anise dip, similar to the Parmesan pringles and Greek yogurt dip from the Minibar.

Watermelon cherry tomato skewers with Pedro Ximenez reduction, and lemon dressing

Jamon Iberico: Dry cured free-range Iberico ham with bread and tomatoes

California cone (left): Tomato hearts and guacamole
"Bagel and lox" cone (right): Smoke salmon eggs with sour cream and dill, as seen at the Minibar

Papas Canarias: Salty wrinkled potatoes with mojo verde

Croquetas de pollo: Chicken and bechamel fritters

"Not your everyday Caprese": Cherry tomatoes with spherized liquid mozzarella and air bread

King crab with fresh raspberries and raspberry vinegar

Norwegian lobster with seaweed salad and "soup of itself" made from lobster head and tail

Satay spinach": Catalan spinach with apple puree, pine nuts, peanut sauce, and raisins... and a bonus hair wrapped up inside

Beef hanger steak with piquillo pepper confit

"Philly Cheesesteak": A Minibar classic - Air bread, cheddar, and Wagyu beef

Sauteed cauliflower "couscous": Cauliflower puree, harissa sauce, lemon, pomegranate, pine nuts, raisins, and fried quinoa

Coconut mousse with fresh berries and mint, a la Albert Adria

Tres chocolate mousse with layers of milk, white, and dark chocolate with chocolate sauce filled pipette dusted with pop rocks and mini chocolate balls
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Tuna, mirin, soy, sesame crusted and very quickly flash-grilled. Soba noodles with peas, onion, corn, carrot, and a little soya. Steamed baby bok choy. Sake, Junmai. ~ H
Originally Posted by kwilkinson View Post
Short ribs. Cooked sous vide for 72 hours at 141. My first time ever with a long sous vide dish. GREAT SUCCESS!
Nice. Nice.
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I'm having, KFC original recipe fried chicken, potato wedges w/gravy, coleslaw, corn on the cob, lemon meringue parfait, and water while watching the Bulls play and the Pacquiao boxing match.
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Pretty good eating weekend.

Friday dinner: Nice dry aged rib eye with madeira sauce, roasted red potatoes, asparagus.
Saturday Lunch: Homemade pizza w/ fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, asparagus, fresh basil, and great olive oil.
Saturday Dinner: Found a great spot for gyros in Indy. Had some great gyros in good company.
Today: Grilled an assortment of food, scallops, shrimp, chicken breast, portobello mushrooms, green and yellow zucchini, more asparagus
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Cheap Maruchan ramen noodles. Chicken flavor. 4 packages of it cooked in my Mr. Coffee. Gummy bears for dessert.
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Friday night, girlfriend was craving crab cakes from this seafood/oyster bar in the yuppie part of town, so we went. No room in the regular dining room, so we were seated at the bar in the private-ish room in the back, through the kitchen with the more expensive menu. Becuase of that, she had the overpriced crabcakes. I got half a dozen oysters and a glass of the house white for myself. Part way through, an older couple sat next to us at the short bar, and started chatting with them and with the guy behind the bar. After a bit, the guy surprised us with a free taste of these fresh, raw scallops that they just got in (supposedly only in-season for a week or two per year). It was pretty cool, eating raw scallop. Had a strong, meaty flavour, and very tender; not at all fishy/ocean-y. Even my gf, who hates the taste of oysters, enjoyed it.
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