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Samuleson is no longer at the NYC aquavit, he's in Harlem at the Red Rooster. Don't go to acquavit right now, the street its on is all torn up and it's lound and dusty and awful with construction.
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it's the same one. part of samuelsson's weird story -- kenyan scandinavian chef with restaurants in minneapolis and manhattan. there was a nasty business dispute and i belive the minneapolis store closed some time ago.
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there is a red rooster offshoot at JFK and I had a very, very good burger there a few weeks ago. Only good thing I can say about JFK at this stage.
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In other news, Corton is finished. Apparently Drew Nieporont couldn't be happier to get rid of Liebrandt. Ehkay and I must have eaten at one of their last dinner service.
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I was never that into it anyway. Cru-Corton-Veritas all blended together for me, though there was a period when veritas was excellent; no longer.
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ran into drew last week. for everything, one of the great restaurateurs of our generation ... old school.
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Was told good things about Juni. New place from the chef formerly at Sho.
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I saw him give a speech when I was in college (he was there for some alumni thing).
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A place like Corton couldn't have been making him any money, but isn't that why he has like 50 Nobus around the world? These kind of restaurants are more passion projects than they are profitable, but they seem to be biting the dust, or flocking to Brooklyn.
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what is great--and "edgy"/nouveau--in Brooklin besides BF?
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Well, I guess that's where Liebrandt is now. If that qualifies as "great", I am not sure.
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Liebrandt is at BF? Or you mean just the opened his own place in Bklyn?

Either way, I guess I don't care that much. I was not blown away by BF. Underwhelmed by Atera. Possibly I am tired of those sort of places now. I still think Daniel is great though I have not been in a while. The Pete Wells snark, far from deterrnig me, actually made me want to go back.
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No, he opened his own place. The Elm.

Yes. Daniel is, by my estimation, the best meal in the city. But a restaurant like it could not survive today without the Boulud Sud's, DBGB's and whatever else..
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which are also good in their own right. Not that I have been to Sud.
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No doubt, I just think fine dining in NYC is changing. For better or worse, I don't know. All I know is you will definitely see less places like Corton, and many more like NoMad. I think Drew, Danny Meyer and his Shake Shack empire, are aware of this.
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