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I gotta get this Jerusalem cookbook... Sounds good.
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I've cooked for 35 people before. We're both excited to do it.
It's going to be kind of a casual party thing. No sit down. Plus we'll have the pizza oven up to temp. as a backup if we run out of food, but I doubt that will happen.

Shibbel, thanks for the recs. I'll get both of those.
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i'll check Plenty when I get home. I've done maybe 20-25 recipes from there, but they all skip my mind right now. A roasted or grilled mix vegetables with a basic yogurt sauce sounds easy (there's similar stuff in the first few pages), or one their green salads would be nice.
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Originally Posted by shibbel View Post

As has been recommended a few times before, Jerusalem (great leg of lamb recipe in there)- most of the recipes will work well for large gatherings. I'd also look at New Moroccan Mourad Lahlou, lots of great food there too.

If you are ever out in San Francisco, you should go to his restaurant. It's really quite excellent.
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Mordecai--you should totally hire me. I am competitively priced and my sister once dated a Moroccan.
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It will be hard to find a crystal pitcher that can hold Fiji water for 30. And even if you could find it, you'd need to hire Ronnie Coleman to serve from it.
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made that lemongrass sea bass again last week, used one of those sick Campari tomatoes and just did in a pan as the oven wasn't working. Much easier to do in Japan, with all the ingredients in one supermarket.

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You have to blanch the leeks first in water, just for a moment, then refresh. If you don't, you get those brown leek strands. Otherwise, looks nice.
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ah, i wondered about that. I shall try once more as I kept some of the sauce on and oil on ice
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Looks great. One of my favorite Robuchon recipes.
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Feuillete of morels and white asparagus, sauce vin jaune
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Damn you all and your fancy meals and plating skills.

We had people over last night and for my dish I cooked these drumsticks with garlic, jalapenos, and some lemon juice. Great post-workout meal as well. Yes, that is a shit ton of garlic.

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Tried Rivera for the first time on Friday. Really great.
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