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This, and also, wouldn't the consequences of lying about something like this be pretty major (or at least, create a bit of noise), and the chances of being caught pretty high with like 50+ kitchen staff plus tons of stagiares, diners, and media-types filing through the kitchen (Yannick does seem to like giving interviews, etc. . .)
fwiw, the video shows G-C and not Chambertain. I can't tell the producer, but it appears to be village level and not 1er.
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Also, is a bottle of generic GC that much more expensive than a bottle of decent vin jaune? Nobody raises an eyebrow when restaurants use that for sauces.
how much is decent vin jaune?

You'd know better than I would, but if I had to guess like $40? At least that's the cheapest I've ever seen in a shop.
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Vin jaune sauce is generally just made from regular jura wine.
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Even when it's specifically referred to as, say, Sauce Château-Chalon at restaurants on Meurice's level? (I've made it with regular jura wine after you mentioned this a few months back and was quite happy with it)
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Yes, but there are also reds from the Jura, which would not work interchangeably.
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@BrianVarick, 75dkk for their regular extra value meal, so about $13, double what we pay here in the UK including London. Been told it costs even more in Norway.

I think I paid the equivalent of $13 for just a big mac (no meal) in Norway in 2009...and it was about the cheapest thing I could find to eat
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Dry-aged beef, red wine-braised onions, foie gras, sauce Bordelaise

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Another slice.
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That looks nice.
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Random question: what happens when a 'star' or very talented chef leaves a restaurant for greener pastures? I'm not talking about executive chefs at the well established places where people are trained to replicate their recipes without them.

I'm talking about those 'boutique' restaurants that happen to have an undiscovered, up-and-coming, talented chef. The chefs who are the backbone to the success of the restaurant. If I were a restaurant owner and I happened to have a very talented chef in the kitchen, I'd be CONSTANTLY worried that he/she would be poached and/or leave for more pay.

How do restaurants combat this?
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Their ratings drop of course - see L2O of Chicago
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first attempt roasting a chicken, came out pretty well i think. No idea how to carve it though, just stabbed the fuck out of it.
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That's some big chicken!
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2.1kg, is that particularly big for a chicken?
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Oh, looked bigger to me. I guess 2kg is in the upper midfield. Of cours eit depends on the breed.
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that thing looks more like a turkey than a chicken.
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