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Huh. So, it's pretty much gobhi pakora with a Mongolian sauce? Sounds tasty. Although pakora is usually made with gram flour, but that's not so different.

Pretty much. Gobhi pakoda does not have the same texture. Using all-purpose flour with corn flour or corn starch gives a different texture which when mixed with the sauce, adds kick to it.
Here is what I did in case you wanted to try it, which I highly recommend if you like spicy food:

For the batter (all approx):
Half-cup all-purpose flour
Corn starch 4 spoons
Salt, red pepper, sriracha sauce, soy sauce - as needed
Ginger/Garlic paste 1 spoon
Half a cup water

Mix it all up and leave chicken/paneer/mushrooms/gobhi in for half an hour.

For the sauce:
Heat some oil, add 3-4 garlic cloves (smashed), ginger, green-chillies
Add one full sliced onion, heat until golden color
Add soy sauce, ketchup, White vinegar, water, Li'l bit of corn starch
Add red pepper/sriracha per tolerance level

Fry the veggie/meat, and add it to the sauce. Add spring onions for garnish.
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Shrimp cappellini; sun-dried tomatoes and spinach .
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^^ now i'm hungry..

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Chicken with bacon :D


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Could've reduced it like five seconds longer, then it would have been perfect. Tastes great!

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Looks great, b1os. I like the plating on the ratatouille.
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Thanks. It's Passard's recipe -- tastes awesome. You should try it.
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I agree, and I have, it was actually the first receipe I made from the book.

On a side note, I pre-ordered the new book Jerusalem from the guys at Ottolenghi.
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Yeah, heard about it. I may get it, too. Amazon UK: Publication Date: 6 Sep 2012 wink.gif
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October 16th for us. Seems like October is a popular month for cookbooks, God's baking book, and Modern Cuisine at Home also coming out.
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Labels, Master Matthew. Labels.
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