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^ Nicely done.

No pics but I did a little shrimp pasta yesterday. I used our wok (new cooktop has a 25k BTU burner and I love it) and the dish included shallots, mushroom, capers, toasted pine nuts, a little shredded cabbage and garlic. A little shaved Parm R. with good olive oil and paired with a fantastic Viognier. Great dinner.
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Oh, sorry Rambo. First dish is a mix of some veggies: favas, peas, carrots, radishes, turnip, chanterelle, zucchini, fennel. Most of it blanched, then heated up in a pan on a butter/jambon base.

Second dish: chilled carrot soup, crème fraîche and herbs, curry oil.

Third dish: Boeuf "Bourguignon" with beef cheeks. Great meat! Didn't get any vin de Bourgogne though, I've been to three wine stores and they all had just two vins de Bourgogne for >12€. I needed two bottles, so that was a little much for me. So I got a bottle of '08 Latour which I've had twice so far and was pretty decent. Unfortunately today, it was very sour and not enjoyable, so we opened a bottle of '10 Gigondas -- very nice. So no Bourgogne at all, but sitll pretty good.
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Thank you B1os. I appreciate it.
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Those look terrific.
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Thanks! You should try the chilled carrot soup:
It's really good even though I used fresh carrots that were quite watery. Made my own juice which helps creating a good flavor I guess. The curry oil (which I still have quite a lot of and didn't turn bad so far) works very well with it, too -- didn't use too much curry in the soup.

How do you make drops of oil in a soup? Pipette? It's difficult with a spoon, that I do know (but it looks more "natural" that way).
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I usually use a squeeze bottle. Soup recipe looks nice.
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mgm, how do you get your pommes maxim to cook so evenly? I think I'm slicing my potatoes too thin as mine get brown on the edge quickly and are lighter in the center.
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Originally Posted by mgm9128 View Post

This is the best technique I've found for making pommes maxim. The nice thing here is that they can be prepped well ahead of time, kept in the fridge, then cooked when you need them.
On a mandoline, cut a yukon gold potato into 1/16" thick slices. Punch out circles with a cutter, then blanch in boiling salted water for 20 seconds (this prevents the potato from oxidizing). Chill in ice water, then drain and dry. Toss the potatoes with salt, and a little corn starch to coat each side (use your fingers, or toss them gently in a sieve). Cut out squares of parchment paper the size of your maxim, and lay each one out. Refrigerate.
To cook, heat a thick film of clarified butter in a non-stick pan over medium heat. Carefully place the maxims into the pan, and cook over medium heat, flipping (carefully) from time to time, and basting, until cooked through. It's also good to have a little extra clarified butter on hand, in case the pan starts to heat up too much. You can leave the potatoes as light, or as brown as you want, but they will cook through before turning color, as opposed to cooking them in the oven, where the outside browns before the center is cooked.
Keep them in a warm place, or just reheat in the oven for 2-3 minutes when you're ready to eat.
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Thank you.
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I should also add that it's important to gently press down on each maxim with a spatula while they are in the pan to get the slices to adhere. Otherwise, when you go to flip, the round will fall apart. It takes a little getting used to, but you'll get the feel of it after a few tries.
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You suck mordecai!!!!!



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Yes Manton, we all know Mordecai sucks. Now how about telling us what that lovely food you've made is.
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Mordecai told me he doesn't suck. Damnit mordecai. At least a reach around would've been nice
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nice anna
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