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First visit to Rajafashions today.

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I paid my first visit to these guys this morning, and I thought I would share my experience with you all, and ask a few questions. Overall the experience was much faster than I anticipated, although that was perhaps due to the fact that I knew exactly what I wanted (I had a list of features prepared) The salesman was friendly and polite, and did not push an overtly hard sell as much as I thought he would, however the pricing was more expensive than I anticipated. I was after a grey suit, but as I wanted something in a check/plaid, it ruled out the cheapest fabrics, (or at least there were none on the swatches I was shown) so I was automatically elevated to a higher price bracket. The cheapest I was shown for this style was £300 for a 2 piece suit. I tried for a shirt or two and a tie thrown in, but he was having none of it, so as I suspected I ended up paying more than I wanted to, although he relented to the sum total of a tie (he picks the fabric.) I was the first appointment of the day, but was quickly joined by an elderly couple, and 2 gents around my age who had used them before, so were just selecting fabric. After about 15 minutes deliberation I selected a grey check, without any coloured overcheck, and I made a note of the labelling on the swatch- Marco Polo Luxury 150, Merino Wool Cashmere, Biella, Italy.(code stcikers indicated the following- RD 8973-160) Can anyone comment on this fabric, as to quality or reputation, perhaps some have already got Raja suits in this? I know nothing about fabric, so it was a lottery for me, although I am now a little concerned as I have since read that 150's wool can appear overly shiny, which is not what I am after really. I am contemplating (depending on my level of satisfaction when I get the suit) ordering a waistcoat, and possibly a second pair of trousers, so for this reason only I selected a very plain lining, in a mid grey, rather than something more exotic. I did have to remind the salesman about making my selection however. He took quite a few measurements, commenting on my very long arms (why was I such a poor boxer then?) and 3 digital photos of my bad physique and posture. I was very specific about the specs, presenting him with a list which was 2b, sb, twin vent, working cuff, pen pocket, phone pocket, name inside jacket and no other labels apart from one makers label (I do not want 5 labels from God knows where referring to God knows what in some foreign language all over my lining), button hole stem loop under lapel, ticket pocket, edge stitching, horn buttons, notch lapels, not excessive waist suppression, as work requirements are that I have to carry items on my waist at times, slightly padded outwards shoulder to compensate (if this makes sense, he suggested it) fishtail back to trousers, with brace buttons, no cuffs, no rear pocket, single pleat, no belt loops. I post all this and mentioned it as I am aware of members of the forum not getting the specs they ordered, so I will be interested to see if mine all are done as requested. Thanks to all the forum members who have unknowingly provided me with ideas and inspiration for the design over the last few months, plus a recent viewing of Goldfinger helped. Overall it is a hollow experience, I feel neither happy nor unhappy, but it will all depend on the finished result. There is something in my mind that makes me feel rather sleazy attending meetings in hotel rooms. My salesman encouraged me to tell my friends and colleagues about Rajafashions, and stated I should receive my suit in around 4 weeks. I hope it is worth it, if it matches what I already have then I will be pleased as it cost a good amount more than what I paid these guys. All comments are welcome.
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First off, congratulations on taking the plunge. I hope you end up with a suit you really love, and failing that, one which teaches you about the process. It's a shame the salesman was unwilling to budge on the price. Who were you dealing with? It surprises me that they wouldn't throw in a shirt or two--I might have threatened to not order, but to each their own, and £300 is still a could price for a MTM suit. Of major importance, though, did they agree to a full canvas construction, or will they be partially fusing the jacket? As far as ordering a waistcoat or second trousers later, my understanding is that this is frowned upon, as it is possible there will be slight, but noticeable, variations between the wool in your original and secondary orders. Maybe others could weigh in on this. "I hope it is worth it, if it matches what I already have then I will be pleased as it cost a good amount more than what I paid these guys." I'm a little confused by this line. What do you mean? If the suit is entirely fused, I think you're getting about a market price, or roughly what you'd pay for an off the rack fused suit and alterations. If the suit fits really well, and is partly canvased, I think you've got a solid suit for the money, a definite bargain. If it's fully canvased and fits really well, I think you've got a great deal for the money. It's too bad it was a hollow experience. I know what you mean, and I think this is the HUGE disadvanted of Raja. You don't really feel welcome. You feel like you're bargaining in a street market. It's hardly the ideal of which we dream, but it is at a fraction of the cost, and is therefore an option when you can't afford the costlier alternatives.
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Good questions. I may have said something along the lines of half canvas, more as a question than an order, I cant remember, so I will probably get their default setting, which is fused? Yes, when I consider this with what I already have which, although I am no expert is what I think is half canvas, then it might be a poor deal. But still, I got a tie too, and this is MTM, in what I think is a probably a good cloth (Google informs me Biella is Italy's centre of excellence in wool weaving) and the major difference between this and any high street fused RTW offering (apart from it actually fitting me, at least hopefully.) is that it is in quite a specific, unusual specification. I am sure it will be fine for court. I also forgot about asking for a slightly wider width in the leg, which I had wanted to, but what the hell, it is minor point. The salesman's card gives his name as "Amer N", and he was not having any of my suggestions on the package. I also noted I was the only one present during my visit who actually raised the issue of price, or tried to haggle. I did mention a waistcoat to him initially, and was surprised when he said something along the lines of "Just buy a 2 piece suit today Sir, if you are happy you can order a waistcoat later." He did not seem too keen to actually sell me one, which is very surprising, as they are featured on their website. I know it is dangerous to get the orders separately, but it is not much more than an idea at present. I like your remark about learning from the process, as whatever way it works out, I think by the end I will be better equipped to deal with similar situations in the future.
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I think their default setting is fused, but I don't think all is lost. Give Amer N. a call today and say you may have forgotten to specify, but you want a fully canvased suit. If he gives you a hard time (which he may, as construction costs more) say that okay, fine, you'll settle for half-canvased. If you choose not to do that, or he won't budge, I don't think you're getting a bad deal, you're just not saving a ton of money over RTW. But you're right, you are getting features/fabric that you would have to search for in RTW, and hopefully a much better fit. Oh, and you can ask for the wider leg now as well. I doubt they've started the suit already.
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Took your advice and telephoned Amer at the hotel. He will get the trouser order changed to specify they are not to be tapered, but have bottoms the same as the suit I was wearing which I like and measured at a surprisingly large 19 inches (Flares?   ) I also mentioned the construction, he confirmed they are normally fused, I told him I did not want it fused but canvassed. He said "wait please", and went away for a few seconds before returning and telling me the problem was that it was very expensive to do (which I knew). I told him I appreciated that, but would like it done, but to be fair to him I would accept half canvas. He knew what I meant, and said he would see what he could do, which could mean anything, although I thanked him profusely, so hopefully we have done a deal. He surprisingly did not ask for more money, so what exactly will turn up now is anyone's guess, although I, despite not getting a definite answer, left with the impression it would be half canvassed. I know better for the next time.
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Hope things go well. I've been burned by so-called "bargain tailors" before, so I hope your suit turns out alright. I've learned that it almost always pays to shell out a little extra for the assurance of quality. Doesn't mean that every high-priced tailor is a pinnacle of the art, though. Pics please.
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19" really isn't that wide, in my opinion. Incotex and my Belvest trousers lean toward the more tapered side, and they still measure at about 18." BTW, I think it would be really hard for a decent tailor to screw up MTM trousers. If I can make it to NYC in March for the Chan visit, I would just to have them make me two pair of lighter weight trousers.
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Well done on the call. A good move. I don't think he should have asked for more money, but it was fair to go with the compromise position. If they half canvas it, you'll get a better roll (and more life) to the lapel. Mine arrived rather quickly, and I'd like to reiterate the request: pictures.
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Thanks for the help gentlemen. I will see what can be done regarding pics when it arrives.
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