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Crockett and Jones Lowndes

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Hello All,

I am thinking of picking up my first pair of double Monk strap shoes for going out socially and the Crockett and Jones Lowndes has caught my eye.

Was wondering if

i)anyone has this shoe and can comment
ii) is this a well built shoe (last for a long time)
iii) are there other alternatives I should consider
iv) how do they compare to Loake size wise as I wear a 9.5 on the McQueens ( I will probably get them online on pl**.com)

This is not a cheap shoe so want to make the correct choice and appreciate wise minds.

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All I can say is that the best monk I have seen is either this or the Paul Stuart job with the Lowndes in front a tad.
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Originally Posted by meister View Post
All I can say is that the best monk I have seen is either this or the Paul Stuart job with the Lowndes in front a tad.

^I agree.

My only pair of C&J is the Westbourne, on the same 348 last as the Lowndes. While the fit is great on my feet, I'm still concerned the Lowndes might fit differently because it's a double monk.

I recently tried the AE Mora double monk in my usual size and there was way too much volume across the vamp, even with the strap tightened all the way down. It might be a case that that particular AE last is not suitable for my feet, or it could be due to the fact that the shoe is not a laceup. That's why I'd prefer to be able to try these on in person before ordering through P. Lal...

Perhaps other members here who own both the Lowndes and other C&J bals/oxfords on the 348 could comment on relative fit.
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Love the 348 and have 3 pairs on that last, no double monks through and I'd be afraid of ordering without trying it on before as it look less adjustable than a laced shoe.
Of course you can flip them here or on eBay if they don't fit
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The lowndes will fit a bit looser in width than any other laced 348s. Nothing an insole can't fix.

Great shoe though.
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I have a Polo double monk made by C&J. Mine are not on the 348, but they are fantastic shoes - stylish, durable and easily among my most comfortable shoes. I would by those without hesitation.
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"pl**" is the best resource, he himself sells loake and can tell the difference in sizing, if any.
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I have a number of 348's, including Drummond x 2, Hallam, Tetbury and 2 Lowndes (Calf & Suede). All are size 9 1/2, including the calf Lowndes. The exception is the suede Lowndes, which I bought in a 9D fitting, based on some excellent advice from the store owner ( The suede one has loosened up (was a little tight initially) and feels great even after a whole day's walking.

I personally find the double monk more comfortable than a single.

On its durability, I've had the Lowndes in calf since Nov 2007 and it is still in great shape after at least 40 outings.
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Not to thread Hijack, but is it better to Order from Pl@l or Pediwe@r? Pedi matchs Pl@l prices less 5%?
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I love this shoe ...and one of these days I will get them!!

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I have this shoe coming from T&A. If it wasn't for FED-EX f***ing it up with signature required, I would have had them already.
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I've been craving a pair of black Lowndes recently after rediscovering this pic on thesartorialist. I think black shoes and khakis are usually cringeworthy, but this works. I would pair mine with jeans and charcoal trousers me thinks.
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Originally Posted by dkzzzz View Post

No way. I much prefer the JL William, EG Westminster, and this C&J to that one.
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I have a pair of Mertons in calf, and a Monk Strap Boot called the Bagshot C&J made for Barneys both on the 348 last. I WILL be 'stepping' up for a pair of Lowndes!

GREAT looking shoe!!!! GO FOR IT
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