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The thread about the nonsense over at AskAndy has reminded me to get some advice about registering -- every time I try to register at AskAndy's, when I click the button to accept the terms and conditions, it returns me to the very same page, which happens ad infinitum. Any idea what the problem might be?
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it does the exact same thing to me, very annoying.
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I've just had a look at what's happened over there. Appalling. Don't think there'd be any point posting even if one could register, not with the barbarian invasion underway.
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Apparently someone didn't have trouble registering.
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I had the same problem as you guys but when I changed computer it worked.
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Gentlemen: Thanks. The invasion is over. A couple of smart bombs with direct hits did the job. I've had a couple of people have problems registering, but after they tried it a couple of times got in. Check your cookies setting. Tech people, what else could be the problem? Andy
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