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Costa Rica versus Pamama

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Just noticed that American Airlines has dirt cheap fares for next weekend to both San Jose and Panama City. Does anyone have any rec's on which to choose ... it will be a few buddies going for a party weekend, and want to keep costs down but still stay in a relatively nice spot ... any suggestions?
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I'll take Panama and the points.
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I would not recommend San Jose at all. Other areas of Costa Rica yes, but not San Jose. Pretty good party area this time of year is Manuel Antonio. Yes it's touristy, but you can easily rent a house with a pool, cook & maid for $300 each for a week; and have numerous bars, a few casinos and many activities at your door step.

I don't know anything specific about Panama.
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costa rica > panama

Edit: Take that Whodini
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panama is alot cheaper than costa rica and if you are group men looking to party cuidad de panama is better than san jose as well, more clubs and a better nightlife. if want reccomendations for specific discos and bars just ask. the only thing costa rica offers is a better local beers compared to the beer of panama
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for a party weekend - panama. for anything else, costa rica. panama is sodom and gamora.
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