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Scarlett Johansson & Emmy Rossum for me
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I like Halle Berry but I agree this designation may be about 5-years too late.

Personally, my top 3 would be Halle, Scarlett Johansson and Salma Hayek.
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Originally Posted by Augusto86 View Post

You are all doing it wrong.

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Back in the day I sorta dug Angie , until she came out with Howard-Stern-was-my-best-fuck line
I mean, you really oughta give me a motherloving break over here

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Halle Berry is very hair-dependent. With short hair, she's a knockout. With long, straight hair, she loses a whole lot of allure for me for some reason. Odd, because that's normally what I like.
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Esquire does this every year, aside from Halle Berry past "Sexiest Woman Alive" winners are Scarlett, Angelina and Charlize. Wait, if Scarlett, Angelina and Charlize are still alive, isn't the banner Sexiest Woman Alive kinda, you know, stupid?
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Rachael Yamagata, and to be honest, I couldn't explain why. There's just something about her..
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Definitely Monica .

And fuck Esquire for not shipping to my country.
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Originally Posted by embowafa View Post
sexiest woman alive = megan fox
More like trashiest woman alive... I keed I keed, but seriously, she seems like she is from a trailer or at least a double wide I am recently been stricken by a young Olivia Newton John Sorry about the watermark but its the best picture of her
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Easy Winner:

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^^^I would like to have sex with her.
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If Monica was in the running, she'd win every year. It's simply not fair. Her number is, shall we say, retired.
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Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley View Post
Easy Winner:
+1. Also, the definition of 'MILF.'
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scarlet johanson

I like Heather Graham and Jamie Pressley a ton also, but I know they aren't up there on many people's lists.
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monica +10000000000000000000000
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