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I am not taking about piano keys or tobasco sauce bottles, but do most of you go with patterns, or solids like the Donald? I note in my office, I am the only one with patterened ties. Most everyone sticks with more conservative muted patterns or solids. Here's a few of my ties as an example of what I look for. RLPL T&A
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Beautiful collection. Loads better than the crap you're describing of your officemates.
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Your patterns - with the exception of the T&A that you mentioned being unsure about - are fairly conservative and flexible. The only thing I would add to your collection would be a few Drake's neats - they have them at Ben Silver. I wouldn't feel as if I were at all a fashion-monger wearing any of those ties. They have a little pizzazz, but are basically functional business wear.
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I think those are all pretty conservative ties. I'm guessing you don't wear much in the way of patterned shirts, so the small, subdued patterns would work with most any solid shirt. dan
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this is a very good collection, very solid and conservative. I get the feelign that you are spending the cold weekend to go through your warddrobe - I would say that you have a pretty good standard of taste and a good consistancy. don't let to many people confuse you.
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Mugatu: I invented the piano key neck tie. I invented it. What have you done, Derek? Nothing. http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/w...ander_004.html
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Your ties are normal, classic. Nothing heavy. I hope you have got some plain and striped ties too.
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