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Originally Posted by Milhouse View Post
I have a feeling I'll see lots of girls dressed as Palin. Could be hot. . .
I think you're right.
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Originally Posted by Milhouse View Post
I have a feeling I'll see lots of girls dressed as Palin. Could be hot. . .

My freshman year, we used to head down to the frat houses to party and whatnot. I remember a few parties with the theme "CEO's and Office Hoes." It was pretty badass. Lots of Palin types.
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Originally Posted by JayJay View Post
I think you're right.

Palin is GILF.
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Frank Booth

Not that original, but still cool.

Subcomandante Marcos

Only cool shit I could think of.
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John Waters
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Soccer Referee - complete with whistle, red/yellow card, and notebook. Would work great: Girl drops her drink or something? Give her a yellow and record her name in the notebook. If she does it again, pull out red and eject her. \t
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I've always been a Halloweenie. If forced to do a costume, I do the white sheet / ghost thing.
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Originally Posted by Countertenor View Post
John Waters

Oh hell yes. im gonna start growing the moustache now.
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I was thinking of being a blow-up doll. I was gonna just wear a shiny skin colored outfit and a flat wig and put a red ring around my mouth and then paint my mouth and the area inside the ring black or skin colored. Of course I would have to add some details to the skin but that would be easy.

Oh and for future reference, pageboys on Capitol Hill don't have milk mustaches, they have man-milk mustaches.
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I'm going as Robin Hood. The Errol Flynn version, no less. It was my favorite movie as a kid, mostly because my dad would always watch it with me. Anyway, I'm already taking a lot of shit for it! Would any of you guys actually willingly wear tights with a costume, or have I gone batshit crazy?
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Dwight Schrute:
yellow short-sleeved point collar shirt
yellow "abstract" tie
casio calculator watch
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I told one of my friends that she should be a ring pop for Halloween. That would be amazing. I would die.
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I'm hitting the Halloween parties as the Green Man from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
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i was thinking of dressing as bill murray from "what about bob?" with the leather shoes and dress socks kahki shorts and the "dont hassle me im local" t-shirt. I was thinking I could add the fishbowl necklace as well.
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