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Nazy, Navy, Navy...

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The more I read here, the more I think I am not so fashion... I try to maintain a conservative front with a little flair for a sales job. Am I kidding myself when I think these are attractive suits?? Be honest...
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Not bad at all. Love the windowpane. So, you're a fan of the narrow pinstripe, hmm?
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they all appear to be classic, well-cut suits-- yet not 'old man' or anything too old fashioned. great suit wardrobe.
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these are great suits, keep it up. love the stripes (have a db 3 piece in very similar fabric) love the window pane (would love to have one but not a good fabric for me). might not be fashinable, but very stylish what do you sell, by the way?
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very nice. I like the narrow pin-stripe, even though I don't have one. quick question - what is the difference between #2 and #3? or are they the same suit?
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yes, my error. suit #1 is RL, heavy wool. Suits #2,#3 are the same, two button Paul Staurt, suit #4 is Paul Stuat window pane, heavy wool.
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They are all nice suits. I especially like the RL (purple label). The narrow chalkstripe is eally cool without trying too hard. I like the Paul Stuart pinstripe as well, but would've chosen a slightly more contrasted pinstripe, to be honest. Same with the windowpane. And from the RL and Paul Stuart cuts I've seen, I think that I would much prefer the former.
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I think you're getting exactly what you're going for: conservative with a bit of flair. That said, perhaps I'm biased because I own suits with nearly identical material
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I'm starting to think oldskool is pulling our collective legs, and is just fishing for compliments. Has he posted a questionable item yet?
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They are all nice, but I don't think the pictures do justice to the quality of the fabrics on all the suits (They look amazing as it is). If I was being pickey, I dont like the one with squares on it; simply because I don't like suits with squares on it. (The reason being that, not so much the design aspect of squares/windowpane, but the fact that in all my experince most people who wear square suits are dressed badly, obviously that's not the case with you, as its quite a nice suit regardless of the fact it has squares, and also looking at your other suits, its deffinatly not true.)
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Very nice, especially the windowpane.
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Truly awful suit collection. Your ties are awful too. Have you learned nothing from this board? By the way, I'll PM you my address -- I know a great place you could send those god awful suits. (What's your size again, BTW?).
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Good fabrics
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