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NWT Chanel Ties

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I bought these for an SF member who balked at the price. These ties are made of extremely fine silk. I don't know if there is any demand for these here but I figured I'd list them. (I am making almost no profit. My cost after tax, shipping, and PayPal is ~$83.15 each.) I am going to list them here for a day or two and then return them if they don't sell. These retail in the $200 range. $95 ea. Shipped US or Canada. $185 for both. International buyers please add $2. 1. SOLD 2. Thanks!
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I didn't even know Chanel made ties.
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cute ties... a price cut would be even cuter! >.<
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I'm kind of intrigued by the 2nd tie...only if it were cheaper
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Chanel actually makes very nice ties. They have a great hand,
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Tie 2 is available again.
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Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs View Post
Tie 2 is available again.

Is Tie 2 still available? How wide is it at its widest point?
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I am not home now but I believe they are between 3.25"-3.5" wide.
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