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Thoughts on this one too??

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I think things will work... then I take them home... and they sit there...
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Honestly think this one is a winner too. Picks up the stripe in the shirt quite nicely. Don't understand why you are having problems with either one of the two ties you've posted.
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Doesn't quite work for me. The tie's design makes it look a bit antiquated and rich, which doesn't cooperate with the more sharply contrasted pattern on the shirt. I would think the tie would work better with a white or off-white (ecru or something, or is it ercu? blargh) shirt. Doesn't mean you're stuck with combining this tie with solid shirts. Those two colors are just what you can look out for in any pattern for a more solid match. The combination isn't bad, but I think there could be better.
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This tie is not yellow. I think that you should play with the color wheel a bit more. But who am I to say? -Tom
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Love the shirt; underwhelmed by the tie. I agree that they don't seem to be so complementary.
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It's a little hard to say without knowing your complexion, hair colour etc or what you're going to wear over it, but I think the shirt and tie look OK together.
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I think Alias has the right analysis. There's something off in the match of textures. The tie needs a richer shirt.
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I think if the yellow in the shirt was more subdued it could work. But as it stands I'm giving it a thumbs down. If you stick with the shirt why not look for a regimental pattern with some yellow? Anyone think this could work ? Or is it too much blue ? Only small pic
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I love the tie but agree that it doesn't work with that shirt. I think it would look better with just a plain blue shirt since the gold and the yellow are not very close.
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Not to nad shirt. The tie is fade. I wouldn't were it.
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It seems in several recent posts, you've shown pictures of relatively bold colored shirts paired with self-patterned metallic ties. I don't think any of these work terribly well. The ties will look great when set off by a solid white shirt and a suit of either very dark shade or a roughly equivalent shade. The shirts will work with a lot of different ties--solids or subtle patterns of the sort you showed in your tie collection (not necessarily those colors, but I'm not looking back at it right now), strongly patterned ties that pick up a color of the shirts, etc. But I just don't think these go well together. In the combos you're showing, nothing about the ties--their color, shade, pattern, or texture--really makes them appropriate for the shirts.
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Not to nad shirt. The tie is fade. I wouldn't were it.
Shirt it great. I don't like color or texture of tie. But then again, that's my relatively conservative tastes.
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