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We go to bars to engage in risky behavior. We drink a liquid that past one or two impairs your judgment and damages major organs in your body with prolonged use. It carries the minor side effect of making you stink of booze. We go to bars to meet women and hopefully both agree to do the most dangerous thing you can do (particularly if unprotected) besides be a civilian worker in Iraq: have sex. It carries the minor side effect of making you stink of...well, you know. Frankly, weighed against those two things, smoking is a perfect fit. Cigarettes and bars go together like a horse and carriage, to employ another Sinatra-ism. As I said, a bar is a temple to hedonism, not cleanliness. And frankly, smokers are more fun. Since they've banned smoking in 'public' areas in the provincial 'city' that I live in, bars have turned boring. Not as many smokers go out and all the non-smokers that publicly declared they'd love to go out more if they'd just ban smoking...well, I don't know where they are. They aren't in bars. The end result is that bar owners, employees and gorgekko got screwed. But yes, it smells better in there now. Yippee.
Well said. I was recently in Delaware where apparently the smoking nazis have invaded outdoor establishments as well; I was told to put out my cigarette in a park.