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What do you do to your face after shaving ? - Page 7

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I love to slap myself, too! I like to think it sends the aftershave straight into the brains.
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I have a little man in Andalucia who tri-annually prepares for me a refined preparation consisting of several almost-extinct wild herbs. I apply this daily upon my freshly shaved profile in the morning and before retiring in the evening. If I run out, or customs intercepts the consignment, I resort to Nivea or some such.
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I don't shave that often since I look pretty good with my redneck stubble. Even girls that don't like facial hair seems to like me with stubble.

When I do shave I get as close of shave as possible. I go against the grain. Not sure someone face could take that daily. Also I shave in the shower to make it easier on my skin. When I am finished I use a apricot scrub to promote the hair growing in without much irritation.
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After I shave I splash cold water on my face, then I slap myself vigorously across the face three times on each cheek while I scream*. This lessens the effect of the alcohol which stings un-mercifully but tightens my skin until I achieve the glow of a well-preserved saddle. After that I may indulge in a bit of pepper spray in my eyes to distract me from the razor burn, and once I wipe away the tears and snot, I'm ready for work.

* - Sometimes Mrs. Thomas offers to take up the slapping duties depending on how shabbily I've treated her the prior evening.

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I just got in a Mr. Taylor shave cream in a tub today. I opened up and gave it a good whiff; it smells manly, as a shaving cream should. I cannot wait to give it a whirl.
^ Sidetracking the thread once again just to say I had the best shave of my life using Mr. Taylor shave cream and a Merkur razor blade (again, not my favorite razor blade). I have only achieved the legendary BBS shave a couple times in my life, but I expect that I am going to nail it every time from this point forward. Such a fragrant, cushion-y lather.
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