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I think im gonna try this one out..

Merkur Progress Adjustable
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before you drop $$$, visit badgerandblade. They know a lot about razors, and their b/s/t forum typically has a few out there for reasonable prices.
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Don't get a razor with teeth like that! That is for those with very very tough beards, if you have sensitive skin it will be a nightmare on your face. This is the razor you would do best getting, the Merkur HD: edit: The Merkur Progress has its fans, but if you want an adjustable (which isn't necessary at all IMO), go for a Futur. I have about 7 double edge razors, many of which are adjustable...and I always go back to my 40s era Gillette Superspeed (non adjustable). If you get that Merkur HD that is the only razor you will really ever need.
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I always shave in the shower then apply lotion after. Never really had a problem but I can't see how anyone can shave anywhere else but the shower. It softens up the beard so much.
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Yes, get the HD.
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Thanks for all the help guys, going to pick up an HD this weekend. I really hope this is the solution to my shaving pains!
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Just be patient with it, and keep in mind there is a learning curve. Not to worry though. Once you experience the luxury of lathering on your face with a badger hair shaving brush, and feel the sensation of a real piece of steel slicing the hair off your face, you'll be hooked.

Also, I cannot recommend shaving in the shower. If you slip and drop the razor on yourself, that will likely mean a trip to the emergency room!
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I picked up a Merkur HD long handle, Truefit & Hill 1805, Badger brush, and Baxter after shave..
It was a great shave, exactly what ive been looking for.. It cut the hair above the skin so it doesnt have to break through my face and cause irritation/zits..

This is the first shave that i havn't had any skin problems!
Thanks for everyone help
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Good, another convert! It only gets better from there too, great job!
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Normally I shave with my Merkur DE and then just use the C.O. Bigelow Witch Hazel Toner from Bath & Body Works. Don't really have any complaints but I like to change things up so I might try something else after this runs out.
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+1 on the Thayers. I recently got a bottle of the Alcohol Free Rose scent and really like it a lot. Works great for sensitive skin and doesn't burn at all.

I don't know if this has been mentioned, but an inexpensive aftershave that works pretty well is Nivea Sensitive "extra soothing" balm. It's also alcohol free and even receives decent marks from the folks at
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I shave my head in the shower with Aveeno shave gel and a Mach 3 Turbo. Then I shave my face in front of the mirror right after. Followed by ice cold water on my head and neck. Followed by Witch Hazel. Followed by Neutragena soothing balm (the white bottle for sensative skin). Pretty basic routine but it works.
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I just tried Thayer's Lemon, having already sampled the original, something else, and lavender, varieties, and I quite like it! Maybe my favorite so far... Lotus, how do you like the Truefit 1805? I am about to place an order on Classic Shaving (feather blades) and I am thinking of getting Taylor's Almond shaving cream. Am curious about T & H, as I have only used Proraso, and the unscented Classic Shaving soap puck, to date.
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1. sharps daily prep skin tuner toner
2. trufitt and hill ultimate comfort aftershave
3. sharps daily prep tuning lotion moisterizer
4. malin and goetz eye cream
5. malin and goetz lip balm

this is after shaving with a merkur HD double edge, with trufitt and hill ultimate comfort shaving cream (with brush and bowl), and occasionally i'll use trufitt and hill pre-shave oil
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Originally Posted by FlyingLotus View Post
Is something like the Merkur HD really that much different than using a Gillette 'mach 3' type razor ?
Is it more for aesthetics or will it actually make a difference with pain of sharp hair growing back in through my skin ?

there is a whole forum devoted to "wetshaving", at badger and blade.
also, this guy has good videos on youtube about double edge shaving.
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