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Rubber anti-slip soles for leather soles

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I have got a cobbler to add to several of my leather-soled shoes: 1) a rubber anti-slip sole (which totally covers the first half of the whole sole) 2) a metal piece at the tip of the sole to reduce wear and tear and "chipping" when you accidentally kick your shoes against the stairs. For several of my other leather-soled shoes, I took the advice of purists (and the manufacturers) not to stick anything. What do you guys think? The usual arguments against adding the rubber soles are: 1) It distorts the "balance" of the shoe 2) It prevents the shoe from "breathing" and you end up with feet which are more moist/wet On point 1), I find my shoes equally comfortable to wear with/without the rubber soles and walking has never been a problem. Looks wise, the add-on may add perhaps 2 or 3 mm to the thickness of the whole sole which in most cases seem quite harmless On point 2), the leather soles have been bark-tanned and hammered and I wonder if the pores in the sole really still "breathes". Or do you suspect this whole anti-rubber sole thingy is really a form of shoe manufacturers wanting to protect their interest (to get more business from you re-soling your shoe or buying more shoes when these soles wear out)? Rubber anti-slip soles are really practical because walking on slippery floor (such as well-polished marble flooring in office lobbies, pedestrian walkway after a rain etc.). If anyone has had an experience of slipping and falling due to slippery soles (in the process, dirtying his beautiful shirt/pants not to mention making a fool of himself), he will probably throw out the whole "purist" idealogy and attach rubber soles to all his shoes. Comments anyone?
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I suppose I am one of these Purists. It's to me like those people who use their upholstered furniture only with plastic covers. Mind you, I have shoes with rubber soles (so designed, not adapted) to potter about in the rain.
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The problem is where I live (Singapore), it rains quite often and when it rains, it pours... In some season, it would rain almost everyday (though only for a few hours each time) for a week consecutively. I want to wear my nice shoes without the anti-slip rubber sole add-ons but am afraid that: 1) my shoes get very wet (since the leather sole is not water-proof) 2) I will slip and fall (happened to me quite a few times) So my decision to have this add-ons is based almost entirely on practicality. For some of my nicer shoes, I choose to be a "purist".
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OK, I can understand the arguments both for and against having rubber sole protecters added. However, are there any arguments against adding those metal plates to the front of the sole? I had (unfortunately destroyed at home by accident) a pair of JM Westons that had one of these tips standard. It seemed to do a great job of reducing wear at the front of the sole. I don´t recall if the tip was recessed. What are your thoughts on having a cobbler add one to a pair that doesn´t have one? Thanks. -Ed
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I do it and it really seems to extend the life of my shoes. I live in a walking city (New York) and these streets can be brutal on your feet. I find that the rubber soles do not disturb the balance or look of the shoe (you cannot even see the sole, and it looks much more attractive than a scuffed bottom). I did not do it before and after a day of riding the subway, walking to and from work, my new shoes would look terrible and worn. If anyone does have any reason not to do it, I would be interested to know.
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