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I've been to Aldo and seen what they have - and at least the one at the mall I went to had absolutely awful shoes. That's not to say that all Aldo shoes are bad, I just haven't seen any particular ones that are to my liking (I do, however, have an Aldo tie that I like for casual purposes). I am definitely looking for sleek shoes, but not overly modernized. Because I have small feet, I'm definitely looking for a pair of shoes that will make my feet look longer, so I can't really choose any shoe with a stubby front. I'm planning to wear these shoes either with a suit for interviews and presentations or with jeans. Again, the link provides a good example of the look I like. I also went on the H&M COS website, and the shoes shown there look great (too bad COS is only in Europe). Links to the shoes you're describing are definitely appreciated.

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These Ferragamo wingtips provide a general approximation of the shoe style I like:

And this pair of Costume Nationals, although the toe is almost a bit too pointed for my liking.

These D&G as well:

Again, sleeker is better, but not overly stylized. These shoes are a bit out of my price range, but I may just save up if I can't find anything reasonably priced.
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Your problem is you want a shoe to do more than one thing without really being good for either. A pair of well made, black conservative lace ups is what you want for interviews.

For casual wear with jeans and such, wear whatever you want. I would just look for something inexpensive that is comfortable. Personally, I would never wear any pair of "dress" shoes with jeans, but that's just me.

I would STRONGLY advise against the Costume Nationals and ESPECIALLY against the shiny patent leather D&Gs unless you are gearing up for a pimp costume on Halloween.
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In reference to the Costume Nationals and the D&Gs: I chose those merely as an indicator of shape, please disregard the actual material of the shoes. For interviews, I definitely want to wear something that is sleek, yet conservative. Bulky shoes really don't work well for me, especially considering how small my feet are. Are you saying that the shape of the shoes I used above as examples wouldn't work for a business interview?
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Those shoes are inappropriate overall. That's what I was talking about.

For AE shoes, the sleeker lasts are the #5 and #8, when you call the shoe bank ask them if they have any closeouts in your size that are made on those lasts. The lasts are the wooden "molds" the shoe is made on to give it shape.

If you are going to pay $500 for a pair of shoes, that opens up a lot of other options that I'm sure other forum members could help you out with.
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Regarding AE shoes, how do I tell what lasts a shoe is made on? I found a couple of styles on the website that look good, but there aren't any other angles to view the shoes from, and I'm not sure how to see what last they're made on.
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For lasts, you'll have to call an AE store. They should be able to help you. The styles on closeout will be discontinued models that aren't on the website currently but google usually turns up a pic. For better pics of current models, check the zappos website as they have good pictures of multiple angles. Also try googling some of this stuff.
post #23 of 27 Maybe you are an 8 on the 46 last. Try them. Sleek enough to wear with jeans. Conservative enough to pull off at an interview. Less gay than those Ferragamo wingtips. On sale inside your budget.
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I've never heard of this brand, but I like the sillhouette of the shoe. Anybody have thoughts on the quality? I know it's not going to be incredible, but is it passable? Also found a few Florsheims that looked OK. How are they for quality?
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Since this thread is a top google hit I'm going to bump and add my two cents.


Sleek and cheap shoes can easily lay down a nasty looking crease in about ten days of wear.  This is especially noticeable with brown shoes.  I am trying to save some money as well and I went with Loake.  Can't wait to buy some C&Js when I can justify it.


Bottom line: as much as the Loake lasts aren't the best of the best the overall appearance of these shoes strikes me as more stylish than AE shoes and would hold up longer than $100 corrected grain shoes.

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Both look very nice; not too much going on. My only complaint about your typical wingtip styling is too much going on and too many round ambiguous designs distracting from the bold acute shape. I like this one though. I look for at least one sharp angle in a shoe and not too much round bland designs taking away from it. Reminds me of my friends Halloween costume this year she was some character from the new batman movie and she had triangles under her eyes. Very Gacyesque but in a good/bold way.
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