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Just turned 21.
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Older than I feel.
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Poll fail. I'm 25 but selected 20-25 option instead of 25-30. I think I'm experiencing the new phenomenon that is mid-20's-crisis. I felt like a young dude for the last few years but then all of a sudden realized that there are now a lot more people younger than I am. Growing old is a trip, but it's really how you feel. If anything, it's getting a little better because you become more situated in life. Fashion is indicative of this because it's one of those things that you can spend a lifetime perfecting.
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im middle-aged. i would be nearing 39 this year, but in some countries i would be already 40 yrs of age.
dam. so is this how 40 feels and looks like? young and vibrant? sexy?
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I turned seventeen back in December. According to this poll, the number of people under 18 is equivalent to the number of people from 40-45.
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44 and feel like 25.
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