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I recently watched a lifetime movie on Coco Chanel, very impressed with the clothing the guys wore... All of the oceans movies of course. Wall Street the movie had some nice clothing as well.
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How does Mr. Ned's work compare to WW Chan, Hemrajani Bros, or Izzy at LS?

Originally Posted by Shirtmaven View Post
I have had Mr. Ned make me several suits, sportscoats, and pants. I have to be up front that Ned and his son, Vahram send me customers. I also return the favor.

I am quite pleased with the work and fit. I am not an easy fit as I have very sloping shoulders.

They cut everything on the premises. Pants are made in their loft, but the jackets are sewn else where.
There are usually three fittings.
Raw try on.
3/4 finished(no buttonholes, sleeves are sewn in but lining is not.
Final fitting.
Sometimes a fourth fitting if needed.

They have a great inventory of fabrics in stock. They have swatch books form all of the usual sources. The best deals are on the fabrics on the shelves. Most of the fabrics have selvedges so there will be no surprises.

There are no 70 year old master tailors making a coat and a half a week. But these are not $3000 suits either.

I hate to quote prices but I know that you can get an excellent fabric for under $1000. I think they start at around $600-$700. for a suit.
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The Long, Hot Summer, for Paul Newman's double-breasted navy suit and red tie that he breaks out for the church picnic.
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Has Miller's Crossing been mentioned yet?

Someone on the boards has a snazzy photo of Gabriel Byrne as his avatar. And that's one of my favorite films from the brothers.
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Ocean's 11
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Borsalino with Alain Delon full of great 1930 clothes..
Casino with De Niro, Ocean 11 ,and so many others.
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The Red Shoes is one of the best dressed films I've seen, especially Lermontov/Anton Walbrook's wardrobe (well perhaps excluding the bizarre dressing gown early on).
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And the Great Gatsby? Or Death in Venice?
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"The Sweet Smell Of Success". A very cynical movie with a great "look" -- especially the suits worn by Tony Curtis and the Chico Hamilton Quintet (the jazz combo that performs in the film).
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I always picture Marlon Brando in the Wild One with his black perfecto motorcycle jacket... to me that just perfectly captured the rebel look of the 50s.
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"Body of Lies" with Leo DiCaprio and Russel Crowe. I read that Huntsman dressed the actor that played the head of Jordainian intelligence, Marg Strong. Damn he was well dressed.
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"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" I think that the movement through the early to mid 20th century in both men's (Pitt's wardrobe) as well as women's (Blanchett's wardrobe) in the film is outstanding! You can watch clothing become more casual with the removal of such things as braces, the waistcoat, etc. It was, in fact, this film that made me start to think about what I was wearing and here I am.


Some images:
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Originally Posted by kaczmar2 View Post
"Body of Lies" with Leo DiCaprio and Russel Crowe.

I read that Huntsman dressed the actor that played the head of Jordainian intelligence, Marg Strong. Damn he was well dressed.

Hani is impeccably dressed. He just exudes so much power.
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oceans 11, Body of lies, American Gangster, James bond movies, Dark knight
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No love for Astaire? Easter Parade alone portrays a sartorial world I'd happily live in
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