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All fish oil is not created equal, so there is no defined amount of fish oil you should take per day.

Rather, you should be shooting for 2g of EPA/DHA per day. Obviously, finding the fish oil caps with higher concentrations of EPA/DHA is a good idea to keep you from having to eat 10-20 capsules of the crappy brands every day, and why is wrong, overdosing of fish oil WILL make you sick, it's a blood thinner.
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Hi i guess that 1200MG is preety enough in a day . Anyway it's really good for ur health and it gives more energy to our body . it also has anti-inflammatory nutritional values those are really good for our colon health .
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Hi! I think 2 capsules are enough unless you really have a special need for EPA and DHA prescribed by your doctor. 2 capsules are equivalent to 2000mg of fish oil. That's 360mg EPA and 240mg DHA. I'm taking fish oil supplements from Maxalife and the maximum recommended dose is up to 4 capsules only. But I think that's already too much for regular and normal intake. Hope this helps.

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