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Sleeve length

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Hi, first post here. I thought I knew a few things about clothing. So much for my vanity. Being Belgian my first MTM suit has been a Scabal mesure suit. (Lets forget about a terrible piece from Thailand). I had one sleeve cut longer than the other, one of my arms is longer than the other. However, since most of my shirts have the same length in both arms, it shows a different amount of cuff on each side. Should I have it returned and altered? (I have had it for a while). The sleeves have functioning buttonholes. Will it make the task impossible? Thanks for your advice. Walter
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You should leave the coat sleeves as they are, and start buying MTM shirts. edit: sorry if my intial answer sounded pompous, but it's really what I think.  it doesn't make sense to have improperly fitting MTM suits to accomodate an improperly fitting shirt.  at the very least, buy shirts that fit the longer of your arms and move the cuff button so that they fit around your wrists snuggly - that should solve your problem. if you must alter your coat sleeves, depending on the discreptacy, you may have to have a sleeve raised at the shoulder.
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Have the cuffs of the shirts altered. It should be a very simple and cheap alteration.
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