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Shoe brands with narrow fittings

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I measure a 10 1/2C and always had trouble finding shoes (especially loafers) that fit.  (This state of affairs also explains why I mostly wear AE (own the Mapleton) and Alden, even for casual shoes as some are available in my size or that I can special order.)  As Alden seems a bit staid (although they are great shoes and the chukka boots I own are certainly not staid), I've been looking for shoes of the same quality but in more "stylish" makes, even if I have to special order a size and wait four months.  (I've been thinking about Norwegian-front bluchers for some time.)  Unfortunately, most European-made shoes seem to only come in medium or wide.  (I may be able to get away with a medium on some lasts.) I'm aware that Edward Green has a MTM program.  Any other suggestions for RTW?  Full bespoke is just out of my price range. While we're on the topic, does anyone here have a link to anthropometric data on feet sizes?  I'd be interested to find out if the Japanese and Europeans really have wider feet.
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The 337 last on C&J fits my narrow foot very well. koji
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I dearly wanted to buy a pair of Lobbs last fall. I wear 11D and found everything in the shop to be too narrow. Might be worth a look.
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Ferragamos run narrow. I wear 9.5 B and have a closetful of them. Try the Tramezza.
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I have the same problem (narrow feet) which makes loafers especially difficult to fit. I've had good luck with Grensons, an English brand, sold through Bennies Shoes.
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Vass U-Last.
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