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I took flusser's advice and my first tuxedo was DB, peaked lapel, grosgrain facings. It's been a *great* but. I've worn the jacket with jeans, sweaters, regular shirt and tie, tuxedo shirt and bow-tie and it's always been fantastic. The DB peak lapel DJ is more flexible than other styles. Given that it cost an arm and a leg, I'm glad I've been able to pull it out of the wardrobe more often. -boston
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Originally Posted by LA Guy,Jan. 28 2005,19:51
Not a big fan of notched collar tuxedos myself.  Although I'm not against them in principle, I think that they lack the flair of a peaked lapel and elegance of a shawl lapel.  The funny thing is that this style directly contradicts the information given on the site: In the strictest terms, the only proper tuxedo is in black or midnight blue and is styled with either peaked lapels or a shawl collar. The former may be double-breasted. A notched lapel tuxedo, while widely available, is hardly classic. It should be tailored in pure wool barathea or piqué, and the facing on the lapels and down the outer side of each pant leg should be satin, faille or grosgrain. A well-tailored tuxedo is also finished with buttons sewn into the trouser waistband to accommodate a pair of braces as well as a loop under the left lapel for a boutonniere. Single or double-breasted formal dinner jackets in deep green, burgundy velvet, ivory wool or a subtle Black Watch tartan plaid are acceptable alternatives to a tuxedo. Both can be paired with formal trousers, which should never be cuffed. from:
Too funny. You have to love the buying public: RL tells them something to their face, sells them something else altogether and they buy it. What I don't get though, is that I f he wants more people to dress "˜appropriately' why does he sells items that he himself considers inappropriate for a particular situation? (this applies to sartorial wears only, causal is a whole other matter) Jon.
I wonder if he really OK's everything that he sells. Also: notched lapel dinner jackets are always wrong, esp. on someone under 40. Dementia may be excuse for those over 80.
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I did, a J. Press, flat front, single button peaked lapel tux. I bought it when I was 28. I have owned it for years, worn it maybe 10 times and am certainly pleased with my purchase.
At $560 USD, and made out of a heavy, durable worsted wool that will hold up much better than the lightweight (though much softer) Super fine 120+ wools and wool/cashmere blends that Italian companies in particular favor, and with classic "American Trad" styling (flap pockets and single back vent), which I find strangely refreshing (especially given my usual views on such thing) the J. Press tux is a great deal and a good starter's tux. Only problem I have with it is that it is cut extremely loose and boxy around the middle. I think that a tux should be slim and elegant, and should shame at least the extremely overweight (i.e. if you need the pants taken out instead of in - American companies are forgiving enough of, um, large waistlines anyway,)
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Exactly, it is a very heavy wool. You know the one. I am always comlimented at occasions when I wear it - which I find interesting since everyone looks like a penguin, unlike a suit where you can always tell the difference more or less at first glance.
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Most contemprary 3 button SB peaked lapel jackets have a version of the late 90s lapel that begins to roll above the third button...I was looking at a Corneliani  of this sort in Loehmann's around the turn of the year (Corneliani Trend, I think).  The lapel was far narrower, and started higher, and overall looked like something that would soon be out of style.
I rarely find any RTW 3 button peaked lapel suits that I like, for the same reason. I've seen some pretty bad custom ones on some local newscasters--super high button stance that makes it look like someone swapped the lapels off of a kid's jacket. I was thinking about ordering a 3B/peaked lapel from WW Chan, but I'm going to have to be very careful to tell them exactly how I want it done--I don't want to drop that kind of cash to end up with something cut like an outlet store remainder.
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Find a picture of David Letterman wearing a SB peak. His are spectacular. Tell Chan to copy it.
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