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I bought a jacket on Ebay a while ago and I really love it, but I want to know a little about it, it is a black, 3 front patch pockets,100% cashmere 4 button unlined,unstructured, sportcoat type jacket. the tags say made in USA, Nigel's is the only name in it, no size or anything else. anyone know anything about this jacket ?
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It belongs to Nigel?
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Nigel's is the only name in it, no size or anything else. anyone know anything about this  jacket ?
I remember seeing ads and some features for this brand in GQ about 15 years ago. British country style, made in America, medium price range is what I remember.
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yes, on one of the tags there appears to be some sort of picture of a cabin or farmhouse or something of the like. thanks, but I was hoping for something a little newer, this jacket seems brand new, def. not 15 yrs old. anyone else ?
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I remember buying a Nigel Sportcoat at Norstram's Rack. It was extemely inexpensive and the label spelled out exactly who made the fabric. I recall thinking the fabric was great. I bought it because it was my size and my size in shorts are rarely found. Had it altered, wore it once, thought it sucked and ended up giving it to charity. The other Nigel's I ran into through the years always had labels stating who made the fabric. Always thought that was a nice touch. I remember Nigel used to advertise in M Magazine before they folded.
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I think STYLESTUDENT is absolutely correct. By the way I was an extra in Al Pacino's "And Justice for All". It was filmed in Baltimore in the early 80's and I'm in the scene near the absolute end where it appears he is sitting on the courthouse steps. It was really the War Memorial in Baltimore, two short blocks from the Baltimore City Circuit Court where a lot of the movie was filmed. The plate throwing scene was filmed in the hallway in the Mitchell Courthouse outside my office. When I finally summoned up enough courage to talk to Pacino, we discussed restaurants in town.
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Nigel's was the line produced by Nathan Pincus, the son of David Pincus. The Pincus family owned Pincus Brothers Maxwell (PBM). PBM manufactured its clothing in Phildelphia for many years but recently closed its US manufacturing facilities. PBM was the exclusive licensee for Bill Blass suits and also produced most of the Blue Blazers and formalwear for Brooks Brothers, when that entity was owned by M&S. Nigel's had some interesting products. Ticket and bellows pockets, bi-swing backs, etc. Unfortunately, the line didn't sell well and most of the remaining inventory was sold in PBM's Philadelphia based outlets called Nathan David's.
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