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Making a weekend trip to Miami and apart from people watching/partying, I was hoping to do a little bit of shopping. I've never been before and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for any good stores (will primarily be in South Beach). So far, I'm planning on checking out "The Shop" and "Base". Also, any suggestions on Hotels.  Currently leaning towards the Loews or the National. Thanks I Absolutely cannot wait to get out of the rainy Bay Area...
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"The" place to shop is Bal Harbour, which has many of the prestigious international brands.
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I've stayed at the National and I can reccomend it. Lovely rooms and drifting in the huge pool is not to be missed. I mostly did my shopping at the Sawgrass Mills outlet mall north of Miami. Takes about 30min to reach by car, if I remember correctly. Aventura mall is also nearby, if you have a car. B
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South Beach is for shoppers who appreciate labels and aren't concerned about price. Think Armani and Versace. I've spent a good bit of time there and haven't come across any men's shops worth recommending. Bal Harbor and Worth Avenue in Palm Beach have much better shopping, IMO. As for hotels, both Loew's and the National are good. Loew's is a bit fancier and at the north tip of Ocean Drive. The National is a few blocks further North, nearer Lincoln Road. If you want to be right in the middle of Ocean Drive, the Tides is also very nice. One thing for sure, you'll either love or hate South Beach. Have fun.
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Seize sur Vingt 203 11th St. Miami Beach, FL 33139-5006 305-695-1779 Neiman Marcus 151 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, FL 33480 561-805-6150 Saks Fifth Avenue 172 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, FL 33480 561-833-2551 Maus & Hoffman 312 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, FL 33480 561-655-1141 Borrelli 313 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, FL 22480 561-833-3373 Trillion 315 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, FL 33480 561-832-3525
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If you have a car Sawgrass Mills is great, as Bjorn alluded to. Take the Sawgrass Expressway West to Exit 1, Sunrise Blvd. and get off. Or you could go to the Dolphin Mall, which has a NM Last Call and an Off 5th. There's also a shoe store I've been meaning to check out in Miami proper, called Cavanaugh's. I forget the exact address, but it is just south of the University of Miami, and it is called Cavanaugh's. They carry Alden, which in and of itself makes it worth a visit. I live in Palm Beach and loathe Worth Ave. Sure there's some nice stuff there, but at obscene prices and with obnoxious fellow shoppers to go with it.
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Have any of you been to the Borrelli store or Seize sur Vingt stores in Florida? If so, opinions?
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I live in Miami and know that there are tons of great shops. First off, if you are looking for higher end more exclusive shops on South Beach, I'd stick around ocean drive. A few blocks west of Ocean they recently opened a new Barney's (although I wasn't very impressed.) You also should try to go to either the Shops at Bal Harbour or to Merrick Place. Each mall has some of the best shopping in the Miami area. As far as hotels go, there are many great ones on the beach. It pretty much depends on what kind of atmosphere you'd like to stay in. If you want to be very close to all the nightlife and the trendier spots I'd stay at a hotel anywhere south of 17th Street. North of 17th street you'll find the nicer hotels such as the Loew. A few other great hotels are the Delano, Marriot, Shoreclub, Sagamore, and the Ritz-Carlton. You really can't go wrong with any of these.
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