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I bought these stunning boots at Harvey Nichols in Manchester and unfortunately (for me) they don't fit my monstrous feet. They are beautiful boots with a UK retail value of £330, I had protective rubber put on the soles to make them a bit more comfortable and long-lasting without sacrificing the elegance of a good leather sole. This cost £21. It also meant I can't just take them back to the store I bought them from. Bah. They've been worn around the house for around 6 hours and one agonising trip to the shops. I also have some other goodies for sale at My eBay Listing, including Dior Homme and Prada mainline t-shirts, DSquared (white) and Gucci (red) dress shirts. If you're a Styleforum user and win one of my auctions, mention it in an e-mail or PM here and I'll ship the item to any UK address for free. If any Styleforum users do a Buy-it-Now on anything I'm listing I'll ship it Internationally for free. I'll save you from the rest of the spiel as anyone here already knows quality when they see it. More information is available on the eBay listing if you're not completely sold yet.