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Rene lezard

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While waiting on my fiance at a clothing store today, I was looking through an Italian fashion magazine and saw a photo spread of a bunch of guys playing chess. In one of the pictures, one of the players is wearing a gorgeous Rene Lezard suit. I have to admit that I don't know much about this designer or the clothes from the house. Can anyone give me a little more information? Price of suits, quality, etc? Much obliged.
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I don't know much about the firm, except that they're one of those German faux-designers, but I can vouch for their quality. I have a nice wool/cashmere blazer from them (three-button, side-vented) that's properly constructed and has proven very durable. Also, their polo shirts are on par construction-wise with Lacoste's and even Paul Smith's. I've never seen Rene Lezard sold outside of their own stores, to my recollection. Quality-wise, they're a definite step up from most of the other French/German faux designer labels, such as Faconnable or Toni Gard, while being in about the same price ballpark. Peace, JG
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rene lezard is not a person but a german based clothing company run by thomas schaefer, similar in thought to boss or strenesse or strellson in style i've always thought their product to be of good quality you can buy it outside of their own run stores, usually higher end department stores in europe though
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Is the brand similar to Mandarina Duck?
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I really like Rene Lezard. There used to be a Rene Lezard boutique in New York on W. Broadway in SoHo, but it closed and it's now Anne Klein. You can find Rene Lezard at Camouflage and at Bergdorf Goodman. I would say it's similar to Mandarina. I'd say it's more similar to Prada or Calvin Klein Collection.
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