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WTB: Alden cordovan lace-up boots.

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Size 10.5 US, 10 UK. I really want the SF boot, but will settle for something similar that isn't a chukka (wingtip, toe cap on plaza last, or one of the similar non-plaza models.) As for colour, #8 Burgundy or even better cigar. (not black) Used is fine, perhaps even preferable for cost reasons. Here's hoping...
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Try Shoemart. They have a huge inventory of Alden shell cordovan and as far as I know, are the only establishment that is sanctioned by Alden to retail seconds. Therefore, Shoemart receives many of the one-off shoes made on special order that did not pass the QC process. Recently, I purchased a few shell cordovan boots and as picky as I am, the inperfections were minor and certainly made up for in the doscounted price.....usually at about one-half retail. Call or email and work with Marta Knezevic.
(800) 850-7463
3 Berkeley Street
Norwalk, CT 06850-3916
United States of America

I still remember vividly the first time I visited Shoemart, I truly felt like an adolescent in a candy store..........perhaps time to visit again.
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Interesting. I was aware of the site and if I found nothing else I was going to fall back on the cordovan cap toe boot (it's close enough to the plaza model at leather soul). Really though I was hoping to spend a little less by finding a sweet deal on here.

Presumably they don't feature the seconds on the website, am I right? Is contacting them the only way to find out what they have?

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Oh, one more thing. Do you have any idea as to what sort of frequency they get hold of Alden second? Is it a once-in-a-blue-moon thing?
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To the best of my knowledge they have a decent stock of seconds, and yes, you have to contact them with requests.
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I just did, but they don't currently have any cordovan boots.
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In my size, 8.5D, they usually have a decent stock of seconds.....but my guess is that stock is unforcasted and unpredictable. I make a trip once or twice a year and end up with a couple- three pairs of seconds. That said, you should call often and just ask. Good luck!
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Shoemart seem to have taken down their cordovan boots.
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I hear one of the great advantages to Cordovan leather is that it ages really well. Is this like raw denim? It starts out sparkly new and develops a unique, one of a kind look? Does it last a long time? These boots are $600 and look great, but I am the type of person that buys very few items and just wear them all the time so I'd prefer these to last me a looong time, especially considering the steep price...

Anyone have any photos of a broken in pair?

Thank you
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